H/k citation 16

Hey, first timer here. Question, I have 2 citation 16 amps and I have an Adcom GTP 500 preamp and and I have the opportunity to buy a H/K citation 17 preamp, is it worth matching the components? 
In its day it was the best out there.   I suspect it still is better than lots of them.  I always have had the best luck with the same brand ...they were designed around each other.  (I now have all Ayre)
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A very well made preamp, with excellent specs. However, I do not feel it would be an upgrade in sq, but only you would know by trying it. If the price is right, why not. I am the original owner of a model 11 preamp, that is " not " good enough for me to listen to, but, for what I can sell it for, I will keep it for nostalgia. Enjoy ! MrD. 
I used a16a/17 combo for years.  Fantastic preamp, and an excellent performing amp.  If you have two 16’s, they can be strapped for mono and put out more than 500 watts per channel all day long.  Download the tech manual to strap the amps.  It’s easy.

Citation gear is an easy pick.  The 17 might be the last preamp you’ll ever own.  Outstanding phono stage.

Thanks for the input Norman. I’m leaning that direction. I’m also going to be running them mono.