H.H. Scott LK-150 voltages

I just restored a trashed Scott LK150.

There were problems. I ordered a manual for the LK and it came with power supply update information that was not on the 'original'. A schematic was furnished, but the voltages on the schematic were VERY basic. And, the bias meter was open.

So, any one have an idea what the cathode voltage on the 6550's might be? There is a 2.7 ohm resistor (1 watt!) between the pair of cathodes and ground.

What is the bias voltage at the grids of the 6550'? I think I'm a bit low at -30 volts.

Last, does anyone know what happened the the HHScott forum?

Bob Walters
Portland, OR

Bob, sorry I don't have the info that you desire. Maybe contact NOS Valves, they are Scott experts.

I did want to just add some words of encouragement. I too am in Portland and I have a 299C that I want to refurbish. I have a project or two ahead of it so maybe not until Fall.

That LK150 is a terrific amp; I hope that you get it where it needs to be and enjoy it.