H-Cat P12R with MA-1's

Has anyone heard this combo (at least the non remote H-cat and Atmas?

I am so excited I can't wait to get the new H-Cat remote preamp in here to use with my (older) MA1's. Hope to get the H-cat in the next 1-2 weeks. I'd love to try a PS audio gain cell pre-amp at the same time (and only keep 1 of them), but I think that is too much gear to assimilate and try to assess.

I had not used the MA-1's in years since some tubes blew, but getting the CeriousToo/bass prompted my to get off my ass and order a set of tubes and get the MA-1s going again. They are amazing and possibly the H-cat/Atma combo may be sonic heaven. I know Cerious showed with H-cat. I'll update this thread as soon as possible.

The 1 drawback to the remote H-cat seems to be it has absolutely no controls on the unit, so you are locked into using the remote. I would take this option over no remote, but I do wish it had both.
I also have the MA1 2.1 upgrade to 2.3, and looking for a pre amp. can you provide an update? why didn't you go with MP1 or MP3? Have you try to by pass the pre, if yes, what you specs do the source need to have??? Thx.