GZ34/5AR4 tube


which GZ34/5AR4 nos you prefer ?  - quicksilver silver mono KT88 (90watt)

Any of the US, British and Japanese made in the 50's, 60's and 70's. They possibly have a longer life span than current production!
I prefer vintage ones (even used) as long as they test good for emissions!
Hunting down a NOS, Mullard GZ34, from the Blackburn plant, would be well worth the time/effort/cost. Excellent sound qualities and may outlast the equipment, in which it’s installed.
+1, I think that I have almost all of the current and vintage 5AR4s, Mullard Blackburn is the top of the heap, followed by Amperex bugle boy. For current production the Gold Lion and JJ are both competent.
I think I choose mullard..

Many thanks!!!