gyrodec vs. systemdek? who gets decked?

i currently own a systemdek IIX TT with a Rega RB300 arm. was considering two alternatives:

1) upgrade the systemdek with a origin dc motor and rewire the rb300 arm.

2) purchase a michell gyrodec TT and modify the rb 300 arm.

my cartridge is the Koetsu black and i listen to blues, hard rock and reggae. any votes on which way to go? obviously $ spent enters into this decision.


I think the Gyro would be the best way to go as far as sonic upgrade. I doubt the upgrade would make your tt sound nearly as good. I replaced my Systemdek with a VPI hw19jr I found used for about 1/2 price. This was a clear step up so the Gyro should -really- sound better. I would sell the TT with the arm, and find a Gyro SE and rb250 with OL mods. The new model has a DC motor, the older model can be upgraded with power supply. The fact that the Gyro is beautiful is also a bonus.
Go for the Gyrodec SE. It sounds and looks good. I've got the VPI HW-19 III and upgraded to Gyro and It works well
with the Koetsu Black and Graham 1.5 arm.
definitely get a Live Origin modified RB250. It's a worthy investment. Actually, I heard that you can order the fully modified RB250 from Live Origin in England, for less that what you pay for an original one in the U.S. I was seriously contemplating on getting this combo, and did a lot of research.