Gyrodec question

Hi all, I bought a Gyrodec some months ago with a Gyropower supply, but I just found out that this is a Pedersen modded Gyrodec (apparently some swear to this). I am not sure if this table is right for me, as it is way too finicky, and I do not think I have had it properly set up once, yet! Anyways, does anyone here know if there is any interest in the mods (alone, they are over 500 dollars US). cheers, zac.
I've been interested in the mod for my Orb SE for a few years, but I just could not pull the trigger because once you do the mod, you will not be able to reverse it. I've heard from people that liked the mod as well as people that did not like the mod.

Michell just came out with the armboard mod that Pedersen offers and is cheaper. As for the full mod, with the weak dollar, there's one more reason not to do it now.

What do mean by finicky? The Pedersen mod's are supposed to make it less so, or at least I thought. What mods were done exactly? Motor?, Plinth? Suspension? You can reverse or not use all but the plinth mods.