Gyrodec Best Tonearm

I have the beautiful Gyrodec/Zeta tonearm combo in my system. I would like to know which tonearm could be a good upgrade for my set up...


Michell supply armboards weighted for a specific tonearm. There was a chap who worked Saturdays at my local dealership, let’s call him Frank, in real life he was in IT so the hifi was a labour of love, alas he was lost to cancer a few years ago. He ran an Orb with an SME for a long time but became dissatisfied and started trying a few alternatives. I was looking for something to liven up my Townshend at the time and had quite a few discussions about tonearms with him and the shop manager, who was a Linn freak and not impressed my the Michells. Frank preferred the Wilson Benesch ACT1 to the SME but ended up working with Michell to produce an armboard for a Naim Aro and loved the result, even the Linn guy admitted he found it made the Orb enjoyable. Now you won’t find an Aro for reasonable money, nor a Tigerpaw Javalin which was based on it but the Roksan Sara is fairly close too and very much available, it started out as a project by Audio Origami. There are of course those who won’t touch a unipivot but if not one of them…

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@lohanimal I remember speaking to one very good dealer that due to their suspension an SME IV or V are a bit heavy. He preferred the various origin live variants (not the huge ones)

Is not really, I have an Sme IV and a Tabriz both mounted on my Gyro and there is no problem; it is sufficient to remove the lead crescent from the rear frame.