Gyrodec arm suggestions help?

Hi All,

I'm seriously looking at a SME IV for my Michell Gyrodec. Is this a well regarded match? I currently use a Michell Techno Arm which I often struggle to get the best fine tuning of the cartridge. So I have read that the SME IV is easy to set up. I'm looking for an arm that sets up a cartridge accurately. VTA is always a bug bear to me. getting it right etc. I know it's been available for years in it's current form. I've read some where that it's not leading edge any more. Is this an accurate statement? Or just from someone who doesn't like it.

My TT has all the latest upgrades orbe platter, latest power supply etc. I currently have a Ortofon MC 30 Supreme, F117 Nighthawk phono stage, 18w valve amp, horn / 12" woofer speaker
I believe VTA setup with the IV is the same as with the 309, it's done by loosening a bolt and moving the arm up and down a column against friction with your fingers. It's not a fine adjustment, but it's easier than the Michell VTA adjuster.

The 309 is a very fine arm on the Gyro, and I'm sure the IV is also.
The IV is still a very good arm. I would not obsess about VTA, get a good average setting and forget it, every record will be different anyway. I have had arms that permit on the fly VTA adjustment and seldom used it. Some adjust for every record and keep a record of each setting, WAY too much trouble, no time to listen to music. I use to be a dealer for both of these and found them both to be very good, I only sold my IV when I became a VPI dealer again.
The SME arms were used during the design of the Michell tables, I would think it'll be a good match. I've also use the Morch DP-6 with excellent results when I had your table.