Gyro SE with either OL RB 300 or RB 250?

I am about to pick up the GYRO, cant afford the OL RB300, so I'm going to be paying $200 less for plain RB250. Some say its a better arm then RB300 anyways. But with OL modification? Any advice?
The RB300 with a good counterweight installed AND the spring that controls the VTF is better than the 250. I would urge you to look at an Incognito wired version (Brit Audio) as that is a seamless run of wire from the cartridge clip to the RCA termination. My understanding is that the OL wiring has several connections between the clips and the RCA termination.

Audio Note offers probably the best wired version which is the ARM2. It uses a seamless run of Audio Note 99.9% silver wire from the clips to the Audio Note rca termination. Add a heavyweight (michell, kerry) and you are set.