Guys talking about a Led Balloon

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I remember when the first Led Zeppelin album was released. It got no end of snide, nasty write-ups. A couple days after the reviews came out, one of my buddies brought the LP to another buddy’s house for a mass listen. It was put on the parents’ stereo. At the finish of Side One, I left my buddy’s house, went to the closest record store and bought a copy. Over the next few days, I had to listen as my high school’s Music Experts went on about how derivative and mundane the record was. Pity all us ignorant, tin-eared fools...


I was disappointed in not hearing the Keith Moon story as told by Mooney!

Weird to imagine one could actually buy the stuff at the supply store years ago?

dbotm2-interesting story. As an American, I'm a sucker for a listen told by someone with a British accent. 

Compare the Yardbirds albums with Jeff Beck on guitar with the one with Page on guitar (Little Games, their last). Guess which stinks?

bdp24-Page's off target fretting/unintentional muting always catches my attention in in just about everything I've heard.

Page's creative mind is going faster than his fingers can physically move!

I hear it in the  Guitar Boogie LP as well. Beck,Clapton and Page doin' the 4 bar blues the way Rock Gods do it!