Guys please help

Hi!Guys please help! I want to buy source for vinyl. within 1500$. Never had ...tell me what to buy?
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Could you tell us more? Do you also need a phono stage? What are you running this new source into? What has been your experiencve with TTs until now i.e. what have you heard already? Which TTs have you liked? That is a start.
I could just say get a used VPI Scout with a cartridge. I think it would better if you gave us more insight into what you expect from your new table.
Could you be any more vague? Help us help you !!!!
Pro-ject Xpression III, their Speed Box, plus their Phono Tube box with an Ortofon Turbo MC-3 cartridge will give you all full setup for $2000 minus patch cables. I really like Mogami 2549 for those.
Hi! I have now Chord One . Electrocompaniet ECI3 .. Nola Boxer... cable Argento Serenity Referense.+ Xlo Signature. Listen To Jazz Rock Blues...
Get a plug and play system, like the Project mentioned above, a Rega P3, Music Hall MM7, Clearaudio etc. You can get a reasonably balanced system with cartridge for $1200 or so. Add a Cambridge 640p or Project Phono tube box for a phono preamp and you are there for under 1500. Or buy used and get much more.