guys i need some help please...

digital options are driving me nuts, let me explain and maybe someone could help. i have a marantz sr-6003 and a PS3 that i am trying to get the best possible cd playback from. in the menu of the PS3 there is sampling rate options ranging from 44.1 to 127.6(i think). am i supposed to have the player upsample to 127.6 or leave it at default of 48? next, it has bitmapping options 1, 2,, and 3. anyone know what this does? then, in the sound options menu, you can select PCM or bitstream. what is the diff and which should it be set to, but that seems to only apply to DVD playback and not CD. is this true? also, with the marantz, it has a source/pure direct mode, but this turns off my subwoofer, anyone know why or how to change that? lastly, i was messing around with all these settings and audyssee on and off during playback. i found that with audysee on the sound was much smoother and liquid, but with it off there was a grain and roughness to the sound. however, this made the music seem more real and lifelike, which i liked. can anyone offer thier impressions in this situation? again and again, thanks for your assistance.

The PCM - bit stream merely allows for another decoder to handle the decoding/output. bit stream ususally is the preff'd setting for say a receiver to do multi ch.

PCM usually is the setting for many DACs, and or, analog output from that source. This goes for either CD or DVD

AS for all the other upsampling choices, I say try 'em all. As you have already noted, some settings will do one thing for you and other's will uh, be different.

I'm not terribly sure there's any absolute best or perfect setting, as it always comes down to us. Our ears. Our preffs... and with the gear on hand at the time.

Use the one you enjoy most.

As for the PURE or DIRECT setting, with all my recievers present and past, and processors too, those selections dismiss completely any ancilary tone or upsampling preferences... defaulting to the current formats word length and sampling rates, and eliminating any equalization, tone controls, or LFE output... hence no sub. Just pure unadulterated unconfigured and simple signal pass thru... this can be either good or not so good, depending on the current gear or listening prefferences.