Guy Clark has passed away

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RIP Guy.....grateful I got to see him live a few times up close.  Old No.1 going on next.
And the hits just keep on coming. Another great loss. RIP Guy.
You sir will be missed.
+1  on Old No. 1 tonight.
RIP Guy I never got to see you live but love your music. Another terrible loss indeed.
So sorry to hear this.  Peace to his family, friends and fans.
We’re losing them just about every week now. Dylan could drop dead tonight. The end of the line for my generation is at long last rapidly approaching. My brother-in-law was diagnosed last week with 4th-stage liver cancer, no treatment possible, six months to live. That’s what happens when you get old, which I for one have somehow become. You too? I’m actually use to it now---my old friends and bandmates starting dying about ten years ago (alcohol, diet, poverty, suicide). Unlike the WWII Generation, we boomers are weak. Party on, Garth.
 Truely saddened by this. Loved that guy.   RIP
Yes, it's a sad passing but we'd all be lucky if we'd had as much fun in life as Guy Clark. He and I grew up in Texas, not that many years apart, and so many of his songs could be part of the soundtrack of my life. 

"Desperados Waiting For A Train" is an almost perfect description of my time with my grandfather, hanging out in a domino hall when he was assigned to take care of me after my mother passed away when I was three years old. In the song the old men called him 'sidekick.' Their name for me was 'swamper,' which was the oil field designation for the young guy at the bottom of the pecking order who had to do the really dirty, dangerous work.

There's a wonderful documentary of the life of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clarks' best friend, "Be Here To Love Me" that is mostly about Townes but has a wonderful ending by Guy and Susanna Clark. It's the best record I've ever seen of that moment in time. 
nice story sfar.  Another great movie/documentary is "Heartworn Highway" featuring Guy & Townes among others, enjoy!

Great documentary sfar. Left one still not quite knowing what was going on in Townes' head. Steve Earle says he was a better songwriter than Dylan, which may be taking it too far.

Well, all that can be said for the rest of us is that the warranty runs out eventually.  We can stall off the inevitable to varying degrees with heroic or not so much efforts, but all records end in silence.

...if the arm lift is automatic, that is...;)  Otherwise *hiss*pop*hiss*pop*...*L*

Embrace it or fear it, we all get to step off the stage.  Enjoy the interlude...;)
Wayback machine...

Dylan's return to the Newport Folk Festival after his decades long absence due to his having gone electric...

Arlo Guthrie closed the festival Sunday night, but amidst a roster of memorable performances over the weekend was perhaps the most illuminating one for me - Guy Clark,  Lyle Lovett,  and John Hiatt, three stools, three guitars.  

First thing I did when I got home was buy their complete catalogues - they've been in my top 10 rotation ever since.  

R. I. P., Mr. Clarke, and thanks.