Gutwire MaxCon2???

Anyone using or tried the Gutwire MaxCon2 power bar? Impressions? Worth the $$$?
I have been using the orginal Maxcon for the last couple of years which replaced a Tice Solo power conditioner and enhancer. I have monoblock amps plugged into the maxcon and surprisingly, the amps sound better plugged into the Maxcon than plugged into the outlet. Reviewer Paul Candy of 6moons also mentions this in his 2004 review of the Maxcon. However, my source is plugged into a Wattgate outlet. There is quite a difference between the Gutwire and the Tice conditioner. The Maxcon is quiet and the separation of each instrument is spacious and tuneful. I have tried the Gutwire Pure Clef between the Maxcon and the wall, but felt the Pure Clef was lacking in midbass and have now settle with a Audion Horizon Transparency Cord. Paul Candy reccommends the Power Clef as the cord to use with the Maxcon. It does need to be mention that in a later review in 2004 he writes that the 106-4p-pf Isoclean Power Bar was prefered over the Gutwire Maxcon.

I'm sure the Maxcon 2 as with the 2nd generation of Gutwire's cable line is better than the orginal. I am fully satisfy with the Maxcon and have no desire to make any changes.