Guttenberg's Cornwall IV Review -- I'm in trouble

He directly compares the Cornwall IV to the Forte III (which I own).  This is dangerous for me because his points on the differences between the C-wall and Forte hit home.  

I'm calling the credit cards telling them any purchase involving audio in the next 60 days should be flagged as fraudulent! That should stop me, right? 

Kidding aside, I'm dying to hear the Cornwall IV.  If you have heard them, please chime in!
Hey @jbhiller I moved from the Forte III to the Cornwall IV and could not be happier. As always, your room should figure into your decision. I have a 25X20X7 "man cave" so the Cornwall IV's are certainly in their domain. That said, the midrange is a significant upgrade in the Cornwall IV. Bass is also better integrated and deeper....but it took some time to get there. I found the sound evolved over the first few weeks and has settled into a natural yet vibrant and lifelike presentation of scale and dynamics. Like @bigjohn9095 my McIntosh MA900 is waaaaay too much power. I rarely get to one watt on the meter but the match even at low level listening is very satisfying. 

I currently own Forte I and Forte II each with Crites crossovers and Ti tweeters.  I actually prefer the Forte I as the Forte II is a tad too bright in the midrange.  I bought and sold Forte III because they were even BRIGHTER in the midrange.      I bought and sold Cornwall III because the cabinet resonance was overwhelming the midrange detail.   Because of this cabinet resonance I am very wary of buying Cornwall IV.  The Cornwall III got just as much universal praise as the Cornwall IV and I find I just cannot trust universal praise.  It seems if someone pays a lot of money for something, they seldom admit to any shortcomings.  I, on the other hand, have no problem with admitting I made a purchase mistake.   I am VERY INTERESTED in hearing Cornwall IVs because if they got rid of the cabinet resonance then I would love to have a set. 
I also traded my recently purchased Forte 3's for the Cornwall 4's. I could not be happier. They are Forte 3's on steroids. Much bigger sound, not just bass but mid range also. I have them in a large room and they really fill the room with sound. I sit only 9 feet away which minimizes room interaction. I'm thinking the pair could eventually be made into my coffin :-)
@johnmohr,  your post made my day--from the upgrade, description to the coffin comment. thank you!
Take a look at the thread over at Audio Circle on Danny Richie at GR research doing mods/upgrades to the Forte 3. I have A pair of Chorus 2 I just picked up and thinking about having Danny design an upgrade. I wishI could hear the Cornwall 4.. Not many heritage dealers carrying them in the store.