Guru QM-10... Anybody Heard Them? More Than Lows?

looking for a small monitor to replace Wilson Audio Cubs and was advised to check out the Guru QM-10 - seems like these are most notable for their remarkable low end extension. How do these do for mids and highs? I've got the bottom end covered by a JLAudio Sub, so am more interested in the mids and highs... looking for speakers that disappear and have a lot of 'sparkle' up top. If you've heard them, how do the Guru's do here?

I was curious if you have spent any time with the Gurus. They are a bit unorthodox for sure, but I certainly wouldn't compare them with any Bose speakers I've ever heard.

I'm currently listening to a pair right now. I have a need for a speaker that can be close to the back wall, so I picked up a pair of the Gurus to give them a try. Out of the box, they sounded a bit odd to me. Hot, sizzly highs and boomy bass. I've since let them break in for about 80 hours and set them back up, paying more attention to placement. They are now much better and are certainly of similar calibre to other speakers I've owned in the $1000-$2000 range.

Srosenburg, I don't think they are going to be a match for Wilson Cubs (although I've never heard the Cubs). However, they can be musically satisfying to a decent extent, especially if you have a need for near wall placement or need to sit your monitors on an actual shelf.

BTW, I found out that they do absolutely need to sit on the foam puck feet that come on them from the factory. I tried sitting them on a stand that had a narrow top plate, with the speaker siting directly on the stand. Yowee....they sounded weird..

I'll try to sit them up this weekend using a sub to see how they do. Feel free to send me mail through the AgoN system.


I heard them at RMAF 2007 and was impressed. Are they in the top ten of the best stand mounts? No they are not, but given their intended location (very close to the wall) then they would definitely be in the top ten. There really aren't that many speakers that work well within 2 inches of the front wall and certainly nothing else that I've heard that has the low frequency range of the Guru's. If you have the room to locate the speakers several feet from the front wall, look at something else, but if location is one of your big constraints, they are worth a listen.
I heard them demonstrated at our local audiophile club by the US distributor. I'm sure they can sound better than they did, but my impression was of over-generous, one-note bass and not much else of note.
I heard them last year at a dealer and was not too impressed. I was really looking for a speaker to be placed near the back wall.

I would agree with the comment "The Swedish Bose".

It can do some nice things/tricks but the overall presentation and sound was not to my liking. For the price I believe there are much better speakers.
the gradient 'laura'....and it can go against a wall, or the the classic ls 3/5 or ae1
Just picked up a new pair here on Audiogon and I am captivated by this rather odd looking speaker. Not a Bose believe me, LOL
Wanted to ditch the floor standers and get a monitor that did not leave me missing the lower octaves and these allow near full range low volume listening as well as spirited listening at live levels. There are of course better monitors if you have an unlimited budget I imagine but as I have very modest resources, these little guys really do live up to the gushing reviews I read before taking a leap with the Gurus .