Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?

I have a Larrivee LSV-11 and put a downpayment on a Paul Reed Smith Custom "24" with a burled "10" top(Emerald Green).
I have my '77 strat with EMG's that I've kept around since I was 15. It was really junk, but my mother bought it for me, so I can't get rid of it.
I'm using an '83 Mark IIC Boogie that I bought brand new.
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I've got a Larrivee Pete Anderson 14 fret, great guitar that gives me much pleasure. Also really enjoy my Hamer Daytona and T-51, very well made guitars. When I want to play something with a short scale, my Robin Avalon fills the bill. Usually play through my Allen Class Act amp.
Collings D1A, Huss & Dalton DS Custom, Martin D-28 Marquis and a Collings MF Mandolin.
I play, and I use that term very loosely, a '54 Gibson of the first off the line.
Gibson Les Paul Studio black w/gold hardware. D-28 Martin. Eds 1245 Gibson 6/12 double neck red. Eric Clapton Fender Strat. All close to mint and just sit in cases in the corners. I'd like to get rid of them and maybe get an Erlewine Lazer like Johnny Winter has.
Fender roadhouse strat,Les paul standard(honeybust),Guild x150 blonde,beautifull axe.Flamed maple,hate to think about letting go....sigh.Playing one of the new blues jr tweeds.A whole differant animal than the reg,also deluxe reverb.
I have 2 Strats, 2 Teles, a Gibson Les Paul Studio (natural Cherry), 2 Brian Moore i2000's (i2 and i9f) and a couple of ES335 clones (Cort/Samick). I only have one acoustic - it's a decent Takamine - but I want to get another good acoustic.

I play them through a couple of Fender amps - Deluxe Reverb Reissue and a Super 112 ('93 6l6 tube combo), and a Crate VFX5112 EL34 combo.
I play a 1968 Guild F-212 12-string guitar. I learned guitar on a beautiful rosewood Martin which was, unfortunately for me, borrowed. Wish I still had that one as well.
We're here in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania area,

Home of Martin Guitar!!!

Yea, buddy!
I actually live about 10 miles from Hoboken, NJ, where my Guild was made. While I preferred the sound of a Martin 6-string to a Guild, I felt the opposite at the time about their 12-string guitars.
Suhrs, Gibsons, Fenders, Ricks, a 1961 Epi Sheraton and a Martin
No one has a Froggy Bottom? I'd love a Parlor 14 fret, but any would be a treat. Maybe some day. I had an older Martin D 28 years ago that I sold back to the guy I originally bought it from..sorry I did that. For now, a small Yamaha acoustic does just fine.
Breedlove CM Classic SE, Breedlove King Koa with MOP Mermaid, Breedlove Northwest.
Guitar Hero lol!
Pimentel Grand Concert; Fender Elite Strat, Vibroverb amp.
'96 custom shop blond '57 Strat reissue, '90 Gibson ES335 (with really nice figured/translucent cherry), a couple of mid-'80's jap. tele's, '93 Taylor 710,'94 HD28, a deluxe reverb, a really cool Rivera Stereo 120 tube combo with JBL's
Seagull M6. Proudly made in Canada, I also own a 1962 Gretch single anniversary, It has a small seperation in the body behind the neck joint so I don't play it. I thought about selling it but haven't made up my mind
Original 63 Gibson Firebird 1, I bought it new.
Wow... What a great selection of guitar players!
We are all nuts in multiple ways!!!
I have a Larrivee L-09 for fingerpicking and Suzuki Takeharu for slide.
I also play Suzuki Bluesmaster, but not that often anymore.
At one point I had a Les Paul Custom, black with the gold hardware, a 335, a Les Paul Standard Tobacco Sunburst Finish, an HM Strat, a Washburn N4, and an Ovation acoustic-electric. I've downsized to just the HM Strat and the Washburn; the Les Pauls just got too heavy for me.
Gibson SG Classic w/ dual P-90s, just like Pete played when the Who ruled the world.
Rhyno, Frank Zappa used to play an SG often as well. I heard they're a b*tch to keep in tune...
On the day my Mother bought the Strat, I originally wanted a Telecaster Deluxe because I didn't like double-cutaway guitars. When it wasn't available, I tried an SG...which felt like a 2x4.
I used a friend's SG Standard for a while back in high school (Eric Clapton had used one with Cream, so it was a hot guitar for a while), I thought it was pretty nice. Of course, at the time I was using a Harmony solid body guitar which wasn't all that great.
I play a '99 Parker Fly Deluxe and a '78 Adamas 1 6-string (32nd production unit of that guitar). Both through an SWR Strawberry or California Bonde. For the Fly I use a Boss GT-10 pedal for effects, amp and speaker simulation.
1976 Alhambra, cedar top, solid rosewood back and sides.
I have a 1965 Epiphone Olympic Double that I have had since I was ten. I also have a 1965 Gibson ES335 which I purchased as an investment guitar. I have a Carr Mercury amp and a Martin 00028EC acoustic.
Gibson Custom Shop (bought new 1/06) reissued 1957 Les Paul Custom Historic Black Beauty (Ebony with gold trim & hardware & 3 burstbuster pickups). My guitar amp is a Fender reissue 65' Super Reverb- (all tube). Sweet sound! The guitar was a gift from my wife about 4 years ago. Great wife!!
'67 Guild F212, '69 Guild D40, '60 Fender Esquire, '57 Les Paul Junior, '82 ES335 Dot, New Taylor 714ce LTD/Koa - '65 Deluxe Revern and a '67 Voc AC10 Twin.
I am a fan of the older Tokai LP knockoffs. Play wonderfully. Modern I like used McInturff for humbuckers. Well built.

And I will try to get a Senn tele and/or strat. The Senns feel terrific.

I want to hear the guitar, so I prefer no negative feedback amps. XITS are my current fav now.
1964 fender strat and a 1965 telecaster. I bought them both new.
Fender, and badly.
Stock Fender Strat with Chours/Delay and fuzz box straight into Marshall JCM900 and 4x4 cab with Celstion 30s. (hope everything is spell correctly
Larrivee and Taylor - and yes, badly as well.
Air guitar, badly.
I just aquired an ornate, hand-made Kronbauer Mini Jumbo(traded the Larrivee)two weeks ago and it's still not what I want. My fickle nature concerning audio seems to have migrated to guitar(never used to be that way).
I have a 1976 Ovation Custom Ballader Elec/Acoustic, and a 1977 Epiphone Les Paul in Sunburst dual Humbuckers, both excellent. I like to play stuff from the 70's 80's rock, country and pop.
32 year old Ovation Adamas One - the 30th production unit made, and a 1999 Parker Fly Deluxe.
I had an '89 Ovation Elite I bought new. I got tired of it sliding off my leg while not sounding anything like an acoustic through my amp.
seagull s-6 acoustic and fender '72 thinline tele reissue with tweed blues jr. amp
I have a Fender Standard Strat (red wine finish) with vintage noiseless P/U's, a Schecter C1+ with Duncan 59 at neck and Pearly Gates at the bridge that screams ZZ Lynyrd sounds all night. And a Dean acoustic yeah a Dean. I bought it for camping more. Never bought a nice acoustic yet. One day.
I just picked up a asat special(g and l)tribuite a pretty cool little axe,a lot of tonal variation.Looked at alot of fenders....but i think that this blows the 500.00 tele out of the water?
What type of amps does audiophiles use that play guitar?
I run my guitars thru a Fender Blues Deluxe with a Helatone 30 speaker. Gives it loads of bottom end and a great mid. Looking to invest in a Tophat or possibly a 65 amp Soho 20 watt head.
there are alot of luthiers out there that can make a guitar
any way you like for about 1.5X the price of a martin or a taylor (blanchard, applegate, ryan's). as for electrics, a mcnaught is as nice (or nicer) than a PRS for about the same money. or go to e-bay and look at the two melancon electrics for sale... AND, IMHO, you need a really good tube amp to play through or you're wasting your time, and there are a bunch of "boutique" amps out there as well, hand-made point to point wiring, the whole nine yards. if you like to spend $$$ there's plenty of choices available. the only area i see lacking is wire (i.e.- guitar cords, interconnects between stomp boxes or rack gear, etc.) but no doubt they'll get there soon enough. as of right now it's usually Monster cable that is sold as "premium".
Boogie MK2C. Haven't used it since '95 as I can't be bothered to turn it on(the acoustics are taken up my time).
I usually play a boring ol' 90's American Standard Telecaster. I have some nicer, more collector-type stuff, but for live nothing beats a Tele.

The only effect I use on a regular basis is a vintage reissue RAT pedal just set to goose the amp a little. I run this into a Dr. Z Carmen Ghia (about as minimalist a tube as you can get) head feeding a Carvin open backed 4x10. Not the best cabinet, but good enough.
I'm picking up my fourth PRS in about a month and also have a Turner Compass Rose.
1928 Gibson L-5. Steve Andersen M16 Archtop. Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass with Gibson 57 pickups. Jorge Raphael Classical Guitar. Clarus headamp and Buscarino Chameleon speaker. SeQuel Tribute tube amp.
mine has changed comepletely since last time.

Electrics: 3 Fender Strats (1 MiA, 1 MiM, 1 highly mod'd MiM), 2 Fender Telecasters, 1 Gibson Les Paul, 3 Brian Moore's (i2, i9f, i8), Gretsch Synchromatic, Cort Triggs 2, PRS Tremonti. Amps: too many to list all, but 72 Fender Pro Reverb, 73 Fender Super Reverb, ~80 Musicman 112RP100, Traynor YGM-4, Fender Excelsior, Fender Concert Reverb Pro Tube, Fender Super 112, Sound Electronics X-305r, a bunch of home made tube amps.

Acoustics: Takamine, Guild, Cort