Guitar player? , What model do you own or play?

Just wondering if there are any guitar players here, including the once-every-third-weekend-for-5-minute types ?

What make or model do you play?
Thirty different models but mainly use a '60s strat and 70s Les Paul modified. For change of pace the a '60s tele, ES-175, ES-330 and 335 are some of the favorites I use depending on the music I play along to.

Have fun.
I'm an everyday player with a Fender Muddy Waters telecaster. a strat, an ovation, and an Epiphone Sheraton played through either Fender or Mesa Boogie amps.
My hi-fi is Sim I5, Meridian cd player, Paradigm speakers or #2 system= MF A300 Sony cd player Proac speakers w/ARega tt. Needless to sa, I love music whether playing or listening.
I love the blues!!! .....and classical and jazz and funk and rock.....
Steinberger GL (original model, not musicyo), Parker Classic, Yamaha SBG-3000 (like it better than the Les Pauls I've owned), ES-175, ES-347, Ovation SMT, Ovation Classic.

Amps: Soldano Decatone combo, Groove Tube Soul-O 70, Hughes and Kettner Zentera.
I currently play a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, Gibson ES-335, Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic, two Strats, and an Ovation Legend. Amps are a Fender Twin Amp and Seymour Duncan 84-40. Been in bands off and on over 30 years. I once owned a 1967 cherry red Gibson 335 which I eventually sold to Alvin Lee on his band bus in 1983 in Minneapolis. I also got to jam with him a bit. That was pretty cool since he was my guitar hero at the time...
gibson 'everly bros'
1979 Ovation Legend, 1973 Guild F212 12-string acoustic, blonde 1970's Strat reissue, Gallagher acoustic. Fender tube amp.
taylor 512
taylor 514
fender blues junior amp
i play one of the taylor's
almost everyday early in the morning
just before work. it helps get me
through the day.
PRS Custom 22, G&L Bluesboy, Gibson Les Paul Studio, and a Sigma DR-28H are the guitars I own and play occasionally. Amplifiers include a Mesa Boogie DC2 and a Fender Blues Junior.
Gibson: Les Paul Custom, SG, L6S, LP55
Martin: D35, D25Koa
Fender: American Deluxe Strat, Amercian Std Tele, Am Std Jazz Bass
Rickenbacker: 336V64 6 string
Suhr: Classic T, Standard (my favorites by far!)
Goeff Gould Gi 5 string bass

Because I like the Suhrs so much I am considering selling several of the others, especially the Gibsons and Fenders.

Mesa Lonestar, BadCat Cub2, Orange AD30R, Mesa Bass 400+
Hello, you looking for some advice for a new purchase? or just gabbin, If you can't spend a lot of money the lower line Fender stuff is not that bad, A friend bought a Mexican Tele and it plays great for under $500..........I have an ES335 it's only 5 yrs old but it's a monster, Custom Shop Relic Strat and it feels just like a 60's era.......I need a good Tele........ and I have my old guitar from my teenage yrs, a Paul Reed Smith, one of the early models. It has a great tremelo floating bridge. Oh, I've been playing a Brian May model, (the guy from Queen) it's a burns, I love his sound. I use vox amps too. I had a 64' AC-30 coppertop and it got stolen but that's alright, there's hundreds out there looking for a new owner.
I'm not quite in the same category as you other guys.

I have an old Yamaha acoustic from my college days that I learned to play on. A million other people probably have the same story. It's almost an antique now, just like me.

A while back, I also took a workshop course offered by a local pro shop. The course involved making your own electric guitar from start to finish. It was a lot of fun. Mine is modeled on a strat. Just at the end of the course when it was almost completed, I moved out of town. The last thing I have to do is install the electronic bits in the electronics pocket and solder the wires to the pickup and volume control, etc. It will only take a few minutes, but I don't know what to connect to what! Do any of you guys know a website or somewhere thatI can find a wiring diagram? Otherwise, I'll have to find a friend who is willing to let me open up his and copy the wiring. I don't know if they're too keen on that.
McNaught vintage singlecut in classic yellow with white korina body and neck, quilted maple top, and brazilian rosewood fingerboard

1993PRS CE24 in whale blue with flame maple top

amp is diezel vh4 head and cab
occaisional player:

(Primary) - Gibson J-45 Acoustic
Takamine G330 Acoustic
Takamine FP400SC 12-String Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric
Fender Strat Squire Electric

Main Amp:
Fender DeVille Tube amp.
1972 Fender fretless P-Bass.
Guitars, electric
PRS, Single cut, 22
Les Paul, Standard
G&L S500
MusicMan axis SS

Martin 00028, Eric Clapton, signature
Martin 00028
National Steel Delphi
Larrivee, Parlor walnut

Mesa, Heartbreaker
Tube works
Very, very occasional these days. They're mostly "mature" instruments: a Martin D28, Yamaha, a semi-ancient Mosrite, whatever.
current american strat its like a harley, it has mistique and awesome sound.
20+ years as a professional guitarist, but I had to cut back on my giging in the last couple of years..... Makes me a little sad.

Guitars...... A lot of 'em. Here are some faves....
1990 Schoenberg OM Brazillian rosewood
1932 National Style O
2002 Del Arte (Ledbelly Ed.)Stella 12-string
1959 Stratocaster sunburst
mid '90's(?) custom shop tele
Custom electric w/hipshot bridge, 1930's Rickenbacker horse shoe pickup

1959 Fender Tweed twin
1955 Fender Tweed Deluxe
Dedalus (the same co. now making HiFi speakers)acoutic amp...

Think I'm going to go play some right now.

1976 Ovation Patriot, 1996 Ovation Adamas.
I am not a guitarist myself, but my nephew is. I thought you guys might like to see the custom made guitar he plays. It is a Myka guitar. If you go to and click on the Gallery page, his guitar is the 3rd. one from the top. This is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen! Click on the picture of the 3rd. guitar from the top and there will be many great pictures of it (including pictures of the build process) If you click on the sound clip at the bottom (after the last picture) you can hear a sound clip of the guitar. The guy who build the guitar is David Myka. He lives in Buffalo, New York I think. I have no affiliation with him, just thought you guys might like to see his work. My nephew Carl loves his guitar. Carl also plays a Suhr guitar. If anyone checks out Carl's guitar, let me know what you think. I almost forgot, Carl was able to pick all the woods and the design of the guitar himself and David Myka sent Carl e-mails with pictures of the entire build process. Check out the unique placement of the tone controls.
Guitar: Early nineties Black Fender Strat with EMG active pickups. Bass: PBC custom 6 String.
I am a bass man. Yamaha BB 350 with a Peavey Basic 112, 50 watt amp. I jam with CD's and FM.
Electrics: '94 Hamer Strat, maple neck, '93 Hamer t-52 tele. These Hamers are really excellent instruments for a mid level price, every bit as good as any Fender custom shop I've played. Hamers are IMO, one the best values in guitars. Also got a '82 Tokai TST56 Strat. After installing a real Fender bridge, this thing is a killer good axe, it nails the tone of a vintage strat. The neck is the best of any I've felt, so comfy. Also have a mid 90's Robin Avalon, a great Les Paul style guitar made by a small shop in Houston. In acoustics, an '86 Alvarez Yairi d45 and a Larrivee Pete Anderson OM3 cutaway 14 fret suit me fine. I don't gig, so an Allen "Class Act" and a Tech 21 Trademark 10 cover my amp needs.
Ibanez Artwood series acoustic. Started taking lessons at 40 and three years later still struggle--what a reality check! Went to see Cowboy Junkies last night and was happy to be able to pick it up and play a few of their songs for my own entertainment. I wish I made the time to practice more but life always gets in the way.
Just another bass player...

Fodera Presentation 5 string
Turner Renaissance 5 string fretless

Strictly an "at home" player these days.
'67 Gibson Firebird III (cherry metallic, double-cut unbound solidbody, non-reverse, 2 P-90's, tremolo)
'64 Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville (orange, double-cut, bound thin hollowbody, horseshoe headstock inlay, Bigsby, 2 Filter-Trons)
'65 Epiphone Wilshire (cherry, double-cut unbound solidbody, bound fingerboard w/large oval inlays, 6-in line batwing headstock, 2 mini-humbuckers, tremolo)
'66 Fender Electric XII (12-string, sunburst, double-cut unbound solidbody, 2 split single-coils)
'69 Rickenbacker 360 (6-string, semi-hollow, redburst, 2 chrome-bar single-coils, "R" tailpiece, bound back/rounded front, "stereo", slash soundhole)
'65 Guild Starfire III (cherry, bound hollowbody, single-cut, 2 humbuckers, F-holes, Bigsby)
'64 Silvertone/Danelectro (black sparkle, unbound semi-hollow, 2 lipstick tube single-coils, amp in case)
'71 Microfrets Golden Comet (brown, unbound semi-hollow, 2 single-coils, tremolo, 1 F-hole)
'65 Harmony Rocket (brownburst, bound hollowbody, single-cut, 2 DeArmond single-coils, Bigsby, F-holes)
'67 Vox bass (cherry, bound thin hollowbody, double-cut, 2 single-coils, 4-in line teardrop headstock, F-holes)

'64 Fender Super Reverb (blackface, 4 - 10" Oxfords)
'62 Ampeg Reverb-O-Rocket (blue sparkle, 1 - 12" Jensen)
'63 Fender Reverb unit (blonde)

Plus some miscellaneous other funky old guitars, lap steel, little tube amps. Only acoustic right now is a 70's Yamaha dreadnought, but want to get something better/more interesting again, plus a half-decent classical. I'm mostly a hollowbody/combo-amp kinda guy, but used to own a Marshall 50-watt master-volume half-stack, Ampeg SVT, and various other solidbody guitars and basses. What I'm not is a Strat/Tele/Les Paul kinda guy -- I like 'em weirder and lighter weight, with a vintage rock'n'roll, rather than "rock", sound and look.

Oh yeah, here's a few "ones that got away" which I dearly wish I still had:
'39 Martin 0-18 (mahogany/spruce, 3/4 "concert" bodystyle)
'58 Gibson Les Paul Jr. (cherry, double-cut, 1 P-90)
'60's Ampeg Porta-Flex B15 (flip-top, lighted plexi)
'52 Reissue Black-guard Telecaster built 'specially for me the week of my 50th B-day (I'm so romantic).
Wish I'd had this ax when I was a tot and had the time to use it (well, I've got the time but my 50+ lazy ass won't do it. Maybe if I were back in the band...).
Really, this dude sounds swell and is a dream to play.

Owned and loved: Martin D-28, Guild 12 string (used as a 6 string), Las Paul studio w/ebony neck (WHY didn't I buy that new Jimmy Page LP for $2500 when I had the chance!), couple of Strats -regular and deluxe.

Borrowed and loved: Rickenbacker 4001 Super Bass (oh Mama!).

Played: Gibson EB-0 bass (damn thing ruined my shoulder...).

Aspire to own: Parker Fly Deluxe. This baby is such a blast to play! Vibrates like an acoustic but is a solid body electric. Contrast this to a Les Paul which feels like you're playing a brick.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster, Martin HD28V.
Gibson Explorer Reissue from the early 70's, American Standard Fender Strat, 1978 Fender 12 string acoustic, Fender classical acoustic. Fender quad tube amp, Marshal practice amp, full PA system with an 8 channel Roland ADAT. Also a 7 pc. Pearl export drum kit. I have been goofing around with a Reason 2.0 virtual recording studio, the older version but it's quite incredible.
Guild F-212, circa 1969.
I Play pretty much every day except when the tendonitis gets bad. been playin in bands on and off for about 30 yrs, currently have 2 going.

The Gibsons

76 explorer
81 blonde 335 dot
82 korena Moderne
91 custom shop firebird VII kelly green
97 L-5 CES

Epiphone emporer regent
64 strat reissue 40 yr anneversary model

Amp: Dr Z Prescription 2x12
Keys Kurzweil k2600s

The ones that got away:
- 1963 reverse firebird I with no bird on the guard. The best playing piece i've ever owned but limited tonally. almost sold it to Tommi Shaw (Styx) but he wanted a 2 pickup and din't want to cut it up. Pretty cool of him.
- 1965 firebird V non reverse in gold mist
- 78 les paul standard.
- ES 125 tdc with two p-90's
- early 70's/late 60's ampeg v-2 half stack...what a monster rig.
I just started... Still looking for a good teacher in the DC area. But, I just picked up a new re-issue Gibson ES-335 (Royal Street Blue) and a little 5W Gibson tube amp...
Lowden F32C
Had a Martin D35 years ago that I remember very fondly.
'57 Kay Barney Kessel (grandfather's)
'62 Gibson L7 (grandfather's)
'79 Fender Starcaster
'84 Fender Flame Elite
'62 reissue Fender Bass VI
'68 Fender Jazz Bass
'60's reissue Jazz Bass
'60's Harmony Sovereign

Danelectro Model 22 (grandfather's)
Laney VC30-210 w/112 extension cabinet
Laney AOR-100 II half stack
2 Acoustic 360 loaded with E/V EVM-18B II
Ampeg B-100R