Guilty pleasures

Recently I picked up a copy of Aerosmith's OH YEAH: ULTIMATE HITS on SACD. It's actually a good study of how recording techniques have changed over the years, as comparing 70s tracks with stuff from the mid-90s makes clear. Anyhow, I found myself strangely drawn to their remake of "Walk This Way" with Run-DMC. The soundstage is tiny but perfect, with all the hiss, grit, and grunge of the original. As I was enjoying this guilty pleasure, I was wondering which ones others might favor. What's your favorite greasy, non-audiophile-approved, makes-you-smile recording?
Aerosmith "Rocks", and not only because you mentioned "Oh Yeah...". "Rocks" played just below clipping levels is 39 minutes of non-stop smiles!

AC/DC "Back In Black" is a strong runner-up.
the flamin'groovies-jumpin' in the night(sire records)...a masterpiece of garage rock that has the uncanny ability to sound worse when played on expensive equipment..the more expensive,the worse it sounds....runner up,the sir douglas quintet-mendocino
many would say here that studio recorded rock bands do sound better than live.
while this is true i get super-pleasure listening them live and LOUD.
The Who Live At Leeds "Magic Bus" fits the thread here well.
Definitely "Witchhunt" by Piledriver - a classic heavy metal butt-rock anthem! Piledriver was a hardly serious 80's metal band from the buzzing metropolis of Etobecoke, ONT that had a couple goofy albums that got them some attention. I think my bootleg of it was taken off of vinyl, and boy does it have a warm, rich sizzle to it - it really adds to the atmosphere of hunting and burning witches, and it sounds even more authentic on tubes!

Jrd351 - good call on the Groovies! "Golden Clouds" on the Rockfield Sessions... same deal. All of it, come to think of it!