Guilty Pleasure recording?

I will date myself by this, and hate to admit to it, but one of the reasons that I love getting into vinyl now, is that there is some music that is not available digitally. I wish I could say I was talking about some legendary, sublime classic recording of a great orchestral performace, but instead in this instance I am talking about bad 80's rock.

Right now I am listening to my guilty pleasure record: The Producers "You Make the Heat". No one ever likes it as much as I do when I play it for them. Some have heard "She Shiela", but usually they have not heard the album before, and don't care to again. But I love it.

Anyone have bad, guilty pleasure records, that are not available digitally, probably because there is no demand?
one of the reasons that I love getting into vinyl now, is that there is some music that is not available digitally
Yeeeeup, that's the spirit!
I have quite a few, one them is "Blues obscurities" a cbs compil from the 70s. Many classical & some jazz (esp european) which I don't remember as I'm at the office.

Don't feel guilty: it's neither fattening, nor impolite, nor immoral
My guiltiest pleasure is listening to the CRIK Fm The Lynx Super 70's internet radio station.

Here you will hear all the guiltiest AM radio pop pleasures from the seventies that you probably haven't heard since for over thirty years in fidelity that far surpasses anything you might have heard back in the day.

WARNING: if you cannot handle "The Partridge Family", Abba and Barry Manilow just to name a few, please, please stay clear!

On the other hand, your system may just be so good these days that even this sugar coated pop candy sounds great.
OK, Mapman mentioned the Partridge Family, so I feel better about the Producers now.
Soundtrack from "Bladerunner".
I've got three--any one of which would get me thrown under the Serious Music Bus. In fact, the last one might cause the bus to back over me to make sure the job is truly and well done.

Ambrosia: One Eighty (1980)
Art Garfunkel: Breakaway (1975)
Lenny LeBlanc: Hound Dog Man (1977)

Oh yeah, my first casette was the "Partridge Family Album" when I was nine years old. Played the hell out of that tape on the family Ampex cassette player w/built in mono speaker. Swore I'd have a funky painted school bus when I grew up.
The Sinceros-Pet Rock....The Tarney Spencer Band-Three's A Crowd, Run For Your Life

The PFA was also one of the first recordings I ever purchased on my own. It was on 8 track however but I believe the little $25 red mono player I owned may have been an Ampex as well.

I graduated to cassette shortly thereafter followed by $200 SAnyo am/fm/phono/cassette integrated system shortly after that as well. That was a huge investment in music for a teenage kid back in the early 70's.

I own no funky colored vehicles however (so far).
Playing on Crik Fm The Lnyx Super 70's this very moment as I speak;

Reunion - "Life Is A Rock, But the Radio Rolled Me"

Guilty as charged......
I love both the producers albums. There. I said it. Another is the knack get the knack. I get in weird moods where I listen to 70's soft rock a la hall and oates, seals and crofts etc. Queen the game *- especially dragon attack. Oh boy. Now that I have outed myself please don't tell my friends my reputation will be ruined.
Hey Mapman!

Glad to know I wasn't the only one w/the PFA! I never did get the school bus. . . but I did own three VW buses over the years. My vehicle choice tracked the evolution of both my musical and "recreational" tastes, growing up in the 70s in Florida.

"Life is a Rock,". . .a staple at the roller skating rink where we'd hang out after school in the 8th grade. But now that tune and those lyrics are stuck in my head. "CBS and Warner Brother, RCA and all the others. . . "

Here's another for the ages:

Smoke of a Distant Fire by the Sanford Townsend Band. . . I don't own it but it sure fits the standard.

Guilty your honor. . . no possibility of parole.
"Life is a Rock" and Queen "The Game" I am on my way to the Cactus records to look through the $1 bin. Good calls. I don't think those have been re-issued on 180g vinyl.
I'm sure these will "date" me. Here goes-

"Magic Carpet Ride"-Steppenwolf
"Hush"- Deep Purple
"Gotta Get a Message to You"-Bee Gees
"Dancing Queen"-ABBA
"Midnight Confessions"-Grassroots
"Amy"-Pure Prairie League
"Nights in White Satin"-Moody Blues

Go easy on me mates :-)
"Around the World with Three Dog Night" a double live album from 1973. One of the coolest album jackets in my collection - if anyone has it you know what I mean. Specific cuts: 'Joy to the World', 'Never Been to Spain', 'Liar', 'Mama Told Me Not to Come' and 'Eli's Coming'. Without question the best versions of these songs that I have ever heard by them.
The old "Stereophonic Records".

The sound of that train going from my left ear to my right turns me on!

Now, that's Stereo! Goddamn!
I wish my guilty pleasures included Hush and Magic Carpet Ride, those are just good songs!! Also, the 3 Dog Nt sounds awesome. Never Been to Spain, what a great song. Got another record to hunt for now!!
I occasionally listen to Yes. Terrible lyrics, god awful, but you have to love those bass lines.
Although these survive on iTunes, here is some ear candy from your beloved 1980s:
"Denis" by Blondie
"Police and Thieves (Dub)" by Culture Club
"Lips Like Sugar-12 inch Remix" by Echo and the Bunnymen
"Money" by the Flying Lizards
"Private Life" by Grace Jones
"88 Lines about 44 Women" by the Nails
"Make a Circuit with Me" by the Polecats
"I Know What Boys Like" by the Waitresses

Your response has got me thinking that one man's guilty is another man's pleasure :-) It's funny how some guilty pleasure songs are really good, and others like "Funkytown" aren't.

My 82 year old mother finally got me to cart away a bunch of records I had been storing in a box somewhere in her crowded basement. Turns out I have that record and bought it when it was first released.

While they didn't write a lot of their own tunes (I think) they had an ear for good songs written by other people. Mama told Me Not To Come is a Randy Newman song and I think Joy To The World was written by Hoyt Axton.
The Three Dog Night hits all are classics and great works of pop/rock art. Nobody should feel guilty appreciating them.

There are a lot of great tunes out there by acts that perhaps could not assemble a single great accompanying album and hence got the cold shoulder from the all knowing and way all too cool "rock music critics" in the day.

Finding these and appreciating the one off pop/rock classics on a good sounding system can be extremely rewarding.

A lot of these tunes are just plain FUN, something many music critics have tended to not give much credit for over the years.
Milla Jojovich

I used to think this a guilty pleasure, then realized that it was actually quite good and others thought so as well.
Ah, there are so many, but one takes my personal cake. I actually have a weakness for the song "Patches", written by Norman "General" Johnson and taken to the pop charts by IIRC Clarence Carter. This is an almost unbelievably bad (story of Job) lyric coupled to a sappy melody delivered in a near monotone by Carter (Johnson vocalizes more energetically on his version) that almost never fails to put a smile on my face.

No good explanation available.

Re: Milla Jojovich. Sort of Kate Bushy.