Guilty pleasure music?

How about this for a thread -- name some of your guilty pleasures musically. What albums/CDs/tapes do you dig out of their hiding places and put on when nobody's looking? What do you like that you'd hate to admit to the Keepers of the Cool? I'll start with ... Stand Up by David Lee Roth. Okay, the guy's a jerk and has about a 4-note range. But this song, along with "Just Like Living in Paradise," really kicks. Steve Vai casually tosses off guitar leads that smoke, the drumming is punchy and the bass packs a nice whomp. Just the thing to blare through a pair of headphones as you get your workout in high gear. So, who's next? Anybody wanna fess up to liking Alice Cooper? Bad Company? Early Chicago?
I'll fess up to Bad Company, Alice Cooper (those two arent' really "fessing", though), Winger, Warrant, Great White, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Fat Boy Slim, Alanis Morrissette, New Radicals, Kiss, Lynyrd Synyrd, Ratt, Motley Crue, Madonna, Brian Adams, Billy Idol, Judas Priest, Seal, Boston, .38 Special, Foreigner....I could go on, but my fingers are bleeding...DEF LEPPARD IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER, and if any of you have seen them live, you'd know why. Many dismiss them as a "glam-hair" band, but they're the best rock 'n roll band to come from the 80's...AND NOBODY better disagree with me on that one!!
That's funny about not fessing up to liking Flock of Seagulls and Bread -- I absolutely agree in general. BUT the true Guilty Pleasure Confessor admits that even these godawful bands can almost accidentally write something that the GPC does not automatically shut off when it comes on the radio. No, we would never actually BUY an album/CD issued by one of these groups, but we do not absolutely bar them from our audio space. So, in that spirit, I will confess to admitting that I will listen to Bread's "Guitar Man" when it comes on the radio. It has a strong electric guitar lead and a cool, drifting-off ending. Yes, it's pretty insipid, just like everything else Bread did, but the presence of that showcased guitar work pushed it over the line in my head on the listen/won't listen demarcation.
Oh my, I'm so lame. I like: Abba Jimmy Sturr Orchestra (Polka) Barry Manilow - I Write the Songs; It's A Miracle John Denver Gee, I always thought Black Flag, Dead Kennedy's, Flipper, TSOL, Agent Orange, Firehose, Minutemen, Husker Du, etc. were the "way" cool bands! And what's wrong with Angel and Celtic Frost? Try some old Witchfynde or Angelwhitch for grins to cheer you up!
I kinda feel like a dweeb when I listen to them sometimes, but RUSH was one of my favorite groups when I was a teenager. They became kind of a synth-rock let-down, but some of their early stuff, especially 'Fly by Night' still has a raw edge that I really like now and again!