Guilty pleasure music?

How about this for a thread -- name some of your guilty pleasures musically. What albums/CDs/tapes do you dig out of their hiding places and put on when nobody's looking? What do you like that you'd hate to admit to the Keepers of the Cool? I'll start with ... Stand Up by David Lee Roth. Okay, the guy's a jerk and has about a 4-note range. But this song, along with "Just Like Living in Paradise," really kicks. Steve Vai casually tosses off guitar leads that smoke, the drumming is punchy and the bass packs a nice whomp. Just the thing to blare through a pair of headphones as you get your workout in high gear. So, who's next? Anybody wanna fess up to liking Alice Cooper? Bad Company? Early Chicago?
Alice Cooper? Love the band, always have. As Dee Snider from Twisted Sister once said in an interview "Alice writes anthems". Nuthin' to be ashamed of there. Now, if you want to feel inadequate, listen to Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, Bread, or Angel. That's something you should never, EVER, admit to (and hopefully not still partake)
Fleetwood Mac Led Zeppelin Tom Petty
Hell, if you listen to it, it's good to you! Don't ever feel guilty over things you listen to! I've been known to listen to old, live Black Flag and CJ recordings, yeh, they sonically/musically SUCK, but I still remember seeing these bands in high school and I hope to never feel bad about listening to them! Granted I'd never bother to buy them on CD, but you might find something horrible like this in a tape player in my house! Screw the guilt! Listen to anything you like!
Aw, c'mon, Black Flag never sucked - especially not with Mike Watt's wife Kira on bass. Circle Jerks...welll, I don't know. My guilty pleasure music is defined as the music that makes my wife either complain loudly, or make fun of me. I have to listen to Stereolab, Edie Brickell, Celtic Frost or Foo Fighters among others when she's not home ;-)
I'll fess up to Bad Company, Alice Cooper (those two arent' really "fessing", though), Winger, Warrant, Great White, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Fat Boy Slim, Alanis Morrissette, New Radicals, Kiss, Lynyrd Synyrd, Ratt, Motley Crue, Madonna, Brian Adams, Billy Idol, Judas Priest, Seal, Boston, .38 Special, Foreigner....I could go on, but my fingers are bleeding...DEF LEPPARD IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER, and if any of you have seen them live, you'd know why. Many dismiss them as a "glam-hair" band, but they're the best rock 'n roll band to come from the 80's...AND NOBODY better disagree with me on that one!!
That's funny about not fessing up to liking Flock of Seagulls and Bread -- I absolutely agree in general. BUT the true Guilty Pleasure Confessor admits that even these godawful bands can almost accidentally write something that the GPC does not automatically shut off when it comes on the radio. No, we would never actually BUY an album/CD issued by one of these groups, but we do not absolutely bar them from our audio space. So, in that spirit, I will confess to admitting that I will listen to Bread's "Guitar Man" when it comes on the radio. It has a strong electric guitar lead and a cool, drifting-off ending. Yes, it's pretty insipid, just like everything else Bread did, but the presence of that showcased guitar work pushed it over the line in my head on the listen/won't listen demarcation.
Oh my, I'm so lame. I like: Abba Jimmy Sturr Orchestra (Polka) Barry Manilow - I Write the Songs; It's A Miracle John Denver Gee, I always thought Black Flag, Dead Kennedy's, Flipper, TSOL, Agent Orange, Firehose, Minutemen, Husker Du, etc. were the "way" cool bands! And what's wrong with Angel and Celtic Frost? Try some old Witchfynde or Angelwhitch for grins to cheer you up!
I kinda feel like a dweeb when I listen to them sometimes, but RUSH was one of my favorite groups when I was a teenager. They became kind of a synth-rock let-down, but some of their early stuff, especially 'Fly by Night' still has a raw edge that I really like now and again!
Lynyrd Skynyrd. 'nuff said.
Some great choices, I actually listen to Black Flag, Circle Jerks, TSOL, Poison 13, Gun Club, Big Boys, The Vandals, Agent Orange, etc. Thru a pair of Magnapans, wouldn't that make some people cringe. I wouldn't consider any of them guilty pleasures, mine would be Bread (yeah, that's right) The Carpenters, Burt Bacharach, Andy Williams, Dan Fogelberg, and the one I can only listen to when the wife is out of the house--Type O Negative. And You're right Carl, Def Leppard is a GREAT band.
Thank you, Dsod! The only valid criticism I've ever seen is that they've succombed to commercialism a little overmuch. But, they love music more than I do, and love playing it live more than any other rock band, except maybe The Stones, or most especially The Dead. Anyway, that's how highly I think of the Sheffield boys.
Yes, more and more often i prefere: SILENCE! And don't... feel guilty about it.
The intro to Hells Bells.. Best when played with the following audiophile setup: - Ancient Aiwa tape deck (w/variable pitch!). - 100W Soldano Guitar head (aka an amplifier). - Pole mounted Marshall speakers. - Old downtown Detroit warehouse practice space w/30 foot ceilings. All of $150/month in downtown detroit circa 1990, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bullets). With this combination, I found that I was listening to the music rather than the equipment.....
Sting,Dire Straits,Neil Young ,Bonnie Raitt and Secret Garden are a good start.They all represent superior recordings and talent that will be appreciated with exceptional well matched gear.
Don't tell to many people but sometimes I drink wine and listen to old Jackson Browne albums. My wife calls him Jackson Drone. Old seeds sometimes roll out of the double covers.
Don't tell to many people but sometimes I drink wine and listen to old Jackson Browne albums. My wife calls him Jackson Drone. Old seeds sometimes roll out of the double covers.
I gotta weigh in here on what should properly be considered a guilty pleasure and what should not. What I mean by a guilty pleasure is music that anyone with a hint of what it means to be hip would automatically write off as too uncool for listening. Jackson Browne does NOT fall in that group. Neither do Dire Straits, Neil Young or Bonnie Raitt. The Carpenters DO classify as a guilty pleasure. So does Burt Bacharach, Andy Williams and Dan Fogelberg. Here are a few more of mine: The Turtles' "Happy Together" Spiral Staircases's "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday," and "1-2-3" by Glenn Barry. Now COME ON! Confess!
Isn't this a personal thing? To me guilty pleasure music is anything you you wouldn't want to be caught listening to by your friends. I am a Hendrix, Miles Davis guy. Don't want too many people to see me with that sensitive stuff.
Neither Hendrix nor Miles Davis are even near the universe of "guilty pleasure" music, and if you're ashamed of them, you need to find another hobby. I suggest gardening, or china doll collecting.
I am really into Amy Grant and alot of my friends give me a hard time about that!! There are some weird postings in this thread though, who the heck would be ashamed of listening to Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis or even Def Leppard for that matter??? These are all very popular groups.
I've got one for you guys. My wife and I enjoy Buster Poindexter. When we try and introduce it to our friends... we get some weird looks. Oh well, we enjoy it. WE'll crack open a couple of frosty beverages and crank er up. Like it when the wife starts dancing to hot! hot! hot! Who threw the whiskey in the well is good too! Hey, come to think of it, think I'll have a frosty one!!!
Carl, Hendrix and Miles are what I listen to in the open! Jackson Browne is the "sensitive" stuff I hide from my friends. Did I read that you listen to Def Leppard? That's not guilty pleasure. That's guilty torture.
Why? They're great, and you must not know much about them.
Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Blag flag, early Metallica, now know as Glamtallica, sepultura, Antif flag, Strife, Death angel, Testament, Six feet under, Saint vitus, Machine head, BLACK SABBATH, ILL TAKE DIO OVER OZZY ANY DAY, and a shit load more :)
Fast Ball, old Black Sabbath. Old Genesis is great nothing to be embarassed about there at least up to And Then There Were Three album.
Don't any of you guys listen to anything but rock? Yes, I'll admit I'm an old hippie. I loved Hendrix, Zepplin, Deep Purple, CS&N, etc. (and still do) however, with the gazillion dollars we have all spent on our music systems, I find that jazz now takes me to the next level. Try plugging in Diana Krall, Lee Ritnour, Patricia Barber, and Acoustic Alchemy...For those of you that don't like jazz, I'll admit to owning all of the Iron Butterfly albums and even one from a group called Atomic Rooster!
I think it's time to put the cat out.
JAGUAR, Diana Krall and Patricia Barber aren't a guilty pleasure, but poorly recorded and dynamically compressed/limited rock music can be. We all like minimalist recorded jazz and classical on here, and don't consider them a guilty pleasure.
This thread has, with the exception of a few responses, failed miserably. As its originator, I suggest we kill it. Let's get back to talking about the really important stuff, like active vs. passive pre-amps, line conditioners and the best CD player $5,000 can buy. We'll never reach a consensus on music and taste, apparently.
Michael, I disagree, I find it mazingly interesting that people who are well informed and knowledgeable in the field of High end audio listen to all kinds of music! Sure I'd never bring old New York Dolls to a store to test speakers or CD players, but I WILL STILL LISTEN TO THEM!!!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is hanging on the the music they grew up with! And Hendrix?? How could you EVER consider Hendrix music to be ashamed of? Hell, I even bought Rainbow Bridge on DVD! I'm even open about listening to Prince! It just doesn't matter, if you like it, it's good to you, that should be all that matters! By the way, I'm really surprised the Minutemen were listed! d boon Rules! In fact, Double Nickels on the Dime was in my Proceed PCD2 when I saw that!