Guidance on Speaker Wire

I’m looking for guidance on some speaker wires and have tentatively settled in on Transparent High Performance 10-2 with the Transparent 10-2 Brick Network.  My biggest issue is I have long runs from my amps to the speakers at approximately 60 feet each.  Due to size of my system it is not possible to move my equipment any closer to the speakers.  
My amps are 1.2 KWh McIntosh Mono’s and my Speakers are Martin Logan Electrosatic ESL 15A’s. I also have 2 Martin Logan Force 12” subwoofers that are used for home theater. 
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check with Auditorium23 in Germany, their cable is designed for minimum resistance and very high quality. Not sure though whether they will ship that length. Better solution would be having the amps behind the speakers on balanced interconnects
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For better performance, it is much better having long interconnect cables (balanced if possible) rather than long speaker cables. Generally, you should try to keep speakers cables as short as possible 
Absolutely correct kennyc.  If space/arrangements allow, move just the power amps nearer the speakers and keep the long runs at line level where issues are easier?  Yes, balanced, as professionals use for long runs.
If this is impossible, what about active speakers with power amps on board?
@woots’For 60’ or 20m runs with your amp/speaker setup you could use 12 or 14 gauge speaker cable rated at 99% OFC. This will keep your budget affordable and sound clean. You do not need the hyper expensive so so cable. Make sure the connectors are as good as you can as afford and cleanly connected. All good 😊. 🇦🇺
Thanks to everyone who has assisted so far!  Unfortunately, I am not able to locate my amps any closer to the speakers which I know would be ideal.  Keep the ideas coming.  

The reason the run is 60 feet long is based on getting the wire from my mechanical room to my listening area.  I have to go through the ceiling in my basement then drop down the wall behind my speakers.  I have had two installers come by and this is the only way we have found it to be able to work.