Guidance on Speaker Wire

I’m looking for guidance on some speaker wires and have tentatively settled in on Transparent High Performance 10-2 with the Transparent 10-2 Brick Network.  My biggest issue is I have long runs from my amps to the speakers at approximately 60 feet each.  Due to size of my system it is not possible to move my equipment any closer to the speakers.  
My amps are 1.2 KWh McIntosh Mono’s and my Speakers are Martin Logan Electrosatic ESL 15A’s. I also have 2 Martin Logan Force 12” subwoofers that are used for home theater. 
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Have you checked whether Transparent would even make/supply a cable that length?  And then the price??
See what Audio Envy quotes you.
Thanks for your input twoleftears. I checked and they will make 60 foot runs.  They advise to use the brick with it.  I was seeing if anyone could confirm this is a good choice or for me to look at some alternatives.   
That is a very long run......

1) Choose a wire at most 8 gauge, not any more.  Basically the idea is to reduce the resistance.  The thicker the wire (lower the gauge), the less its resistance.  The resistive contribution of the wire should be no more than about 5-10% of the output impedance of your amplifier, to minimize losses.

2) Make sure it is copper as pure as it can be.  Silver is a bit better but at that length it will cost a ridiculous amount.

3) Do NOT coil the wire, keep a straight line run as much as possible, otherwise inductance will increase.

4) Try and change your room as a last resort, that long a wire is very unusual.  I am sure your speakers are not 120 feet apart....

#4 or #6 welding cable would be a good and inexpensive choice