Guidance needed

Wow---I am amazed and grateful for all the "seasoned" audio/videophiles out there. Perhaps some of you fine individuals can suggest what route I should take with my next purchase. My current set up contains (in a dedicated theater room 22x16): Runco/Stewart combination, Proceed AVP, Pioneer DV-09, PSB Stratos Gold (R/L), PSB Stratos C5 (C), PSB Stratos Mini for both sides and rear, NAD 208 for R/L, NAD 2400 for the sides and rear, and finally a small bridged NAD for the center. As far as the cables, they are mainly low to mid end Audioquest (6 yrs. old). Here are my questions: 1)Which amp should find a new home, 2)same goes for the cables? I have looked and listened to the Proceed HPA3 and the AMP5. They are both remarkable. Should I continue with the Proceed line? Also, what IC's should be used? I read nothing but rave remarks about the "Coincident" as well as other brands -- except Audioquest -- why is that? Should I go balanced or single? I am looking for the ultimate in electronic tranquilizing and welcome any suggestions for improvments (hopefully
Hi Svensk- Have you also considered a progressive output DVD unit? The DV-09 is outstanding, but progressive output DVD is the way to go. As for cables, it isn't so much that Audioquest is "undesireable" or "inferior", it's more that the Coincident is outstanding regardless of price. They'll give in 95% of the kilobuck+ stuff. If you've got noise problems, balanced "might" help, no guarantee though. I've heard balanced systems with noise issues equal to or greater than single-ended system. Also, get dedicated AC lines to feed your equipment if humanly possible. It will improve andio as well as video performance. As for the electronics, it really is your own preference. Proceed, Theta, Krell, and even B&K offer very good processors. (There are others, of course, so other readers don't get upset that I don't mention them all). Controls, features, modular upgradeability, appearance, perceived value, all play into the decision besides the sonic performance. Hopefully, your audio system is separate from your video, but it's all about priorities and practicality. Goodluck and enjoy.
I have PSB stratus Gold(I)s on my front channel, PSB C-6i on the center which is a worth while upgrade over the C-6 as I like the new tweeters, and PSB stratus minis on the rear. I did own a Proceed AVP but sold it and now own a Cal Audio labs unit.Proceed is upgrading the AVP in about 10 months which if I had know I likely would have not sold. I am using Aragon ampifiers. The Proceed amplifiers are very good too. I auditioned both at my home but decided on the Aragon as it was a much better value and certainly equal to the Proceed in every way. I use an 8008 three channel on the front and an Aragon 8002 on the rear. I think that the 8002 is one of the most overlooked values in audio. It, the 8002, is better than the 8008. For 1500.00 new and around 850.00 on the used market it is a steal. As for cables, I have tried a few different brands and found that I like Lat International the best. They offer a money back gurantee so you can try them at no obligation. They work well in my system and the build quality is exceptional. Aragon also make a 5 channel amplifer that I have not heard. You can try balanced cable but I found no difference in my system but I suggest you experiment. If you have long cable runs you may benefit from balanced. But the longest run I have is 3 meters and I did not hear an improvement.
Dear Jcbtubes and Bulldogger, thanks for your speedy responses and good suggestions. I was not aware of any upgrades for the PSB's and will investigate further, or if you have time, please let me know what you did and approx. $ set back. I believe that my "gut" tells me that I should stick with the Proceed AMP since I am extremely satisfied with both the AVP as well as Madrigal's service support. To narrow it down a bit, would you suggest the three channel H/D 3x250W or the "smaller" five channel 5x125W with the Stratos Gold? Any major differences besides the obvious? My thinking is that I can use my NAD 208 for the rears and the NAD 2400 for the sides, what do you think? Or would the five channel be a better solution? Also, what do you know about the Audioquest CV4 cable (can be biwired)? I can buy 100'(spool) for $500 (close out). My runs are 2x30'(R)and 2x20'(Sides). Once I know which AMP I should buy, then my journey for an IC cable will take place. Do you have time for one more response?TX