Guidance for speaker upgrade

Hello, I got some good advice here some months ago and added the VTL 2.5 to my system. I'm now looking at upgrading my speakers (Mirage M7 si). I have a Bryston 3BST, Benchmark DAC1 and Airport Express (I rarely use my Adcom GCD 600).
I really enjoy the wide soundstage and clarity of M7's but the bass could be improved. Room size is 10.5' x 24, unfortunately I'm restricted in placement to about 1.5' from front wall (long wall).
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Should I consider bookshelfs?
I think you will be in for a real treat when you audition the Spendor 3/1Ps... I found their sound quite addictive and almost bought a pair not too long ago for my office system.

I'll second Bignerd100's Tyler and GMA recommendations as well. I own Tyler and am a *very* happy camper... GMA was also quite impressive when I heard those recently... My guess is that if you like the Spendors when you audition them, then Tyler might very well also be up your alley.

Good luck,

Do you have a ballpark figure for your speaker budget (including any subwoofer)?
Hello Mdhoover,

Yes, my ballpark budget is in the $2000 range (all inclusive). When I start considering sub and stands, it does not leave much room for the speakers.
If you're truly satisfied with everything about the sound of your system except for the bass, then I'd strongly consider keeping the speakers and spending as much as necessary (up to the budget level, of course) on a truly high end subwoofer, but the selection process may take some time. Proper integration is absolutely vital.
Well, I finally took the plunge and purchased a second hand set of spendor S5e. They are nice and compact and have definitely improved my system's sound.

Thank you for your contribution to this thread.