Guidance for speaker upgrade

Hello, I got some good advice here some months ago and added the VTL 2.5 to my system. I'm now looking at upgrading my speakers (Mirage M7 si). I have a Bryston 3BST, Benchmark DAC1 and Airport Express (I rarely use my Adcom GCD 600).
I really enjoy the wide soundstage and clarity of M7's but the bass could be improved. Room size is 10.5' x 24, unfortunately I'm restricted in placement to about 1.5' from front wall (long wall).
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Should I consider bookshelfs?
How high are your ceilings?
Set up on short wall or long wall?
Opens into another room or sealed off?
My ceilings are 8' high.
Set up on long wall.
Opens into other room.
I am currently looking at either the Proac studio 110 or the Axiom M80 v2.
Might want to add a high quality subwoofer. I own a Rel Storm 3, augmenting Intuitive Design Summits. Those already go so low that the crossover on the Rel is set at 27 hertz.
If it opens into another room you will probably want a good sub with most speakers. With your equipment I would think about a used pair of NHT 3.3's. They would give you what you want and allow placement against the wall (designed to be placed against the wall). They are very deep though. Probably would not need a sub either.

Good luck!