Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers

Has this ever happened to anyone here?

You have your speakers positioned just as you like them, and then a guest takes it upon themselves to suddenly move your speakers?

Obviously I’m not going to get any sympathy from anyone in the non Audio world, so I thought I’d post my frustrating experience here.

I also imagine that many of your speakers can’t simply be slid out of position due to spikes or carpeting or sheer weight. Probably a good number of you, who like me have speakers on hardwood floors, have some marks in place to be able to return speakers to their exact position. (Which I didn’t)

But a recent female first time guest was sitting on the floor positioned between the speakers as we listened and for some reason decided that they should be pointed directly at her. Now some people might think “how obnoxious,” and others might think, ‘hey, a woman who wants the toe in angle optimzed for her seating position! She’s a keeper! Let her handle whatever she wants!”

And while I did like the enthusiasm, there was a supertweeter precariously balanced atop each speaker fireing rearward that could have easily toppled off and broken. (And no, there are no kids in the house).

I still haven’t found the exact sweet spot I had them in. For a long time I felt like a bit of an audio slacker since I never installed the factory spikes or rounded cones TAD provides for the CR1’s. Until a few months ago I read on another forum that many CR1 owners choose to just keep the stands on the floor, or haven’t found a benefit to using the spikes/cones on hardwood.

Obviously I’ll use the incident to try and eventually find an even more optimal positioning than they were in, but it still irks me that someone would just assume it’s okay to move a sophisticated audio setup that they truly know nothing about.

Anyone allowed into my audio den is warned in advance...ANYONE TOUCHES MY STUFF...I KILL YOU!  Always works ;))
Never ever would this happen to me I can't move most of mine without 4 helpers. 
Years ago, when my son was 2, I would let him into the listening room to sit with me and listen to music, and he watched intently as I took the grills of my Merlin TSM speakers to listen (they sounded better grills off). I usually kept the door to that room closed, but M-F I would wait there in the morning for my carpool to arrive, since the room looked out on the street, and I sometimes forgot to lock the door.
One morning, as I sat in the early dawn hours awaiting my carpool, I noticed that my speaker grills were off and next to the Merlins. I was usually good about putting them back when finished with listening. As my eyes adjusted to the morning light, I could suddenly make out numerous dimples in the soft dome tweeter of the right speaker. The dimples were the size of a tiny person's index finger.
As I felt the rage starting to rise, my eyes instinctively turned to the left speaker. It too sported dimples, many more than the right side. At that point, a smile crossed my face as I realized the joy my young son must have had with the first speaker, such that he moved over to the second speaker. 
I had to send those drivers back to Bobby @ Merlin (RIP) who laughed out loud when I explained the reason for the damage. They were replaced at low cost - because Bobby was a prince of a person.

Point being - if you value your stuff more than your relationships, time to readjust your priorities. You had a delightful female companion in your room who cared enough about your sharing your hobby to have an opinion and act on it. Sure, she could've asked, but I would take her interest as an invitation to share more about your hobby. Most gals would have been hard pressed to listen thoughtfully and with enough attention to get through a single song. Consider yourself lucky - women have better hearing than men across the frequency range, so she might have been doing you a favor.
   I use a space above an old equestrian barn on the property where I live, I have a pretty neat system set up there. It consist of some Dynaudio towers, a Mac 2205, an Audio Research pre, a streamer, and a DAC. I have a TT and an RtR set up as well but it doesn’t pertain. Not a big money system relative to this site but far from junk.
   I set this up through a Panamax 5500 power supply specifically so the whole system is a one button operation. Hit one button it all comes on ready to pair with a phone,’easy as that. Anyone can and is encouraged to enjoy this set up as they wish. It’s the first thing I show a girlfriend or guest, how to enjoy some music in this space. I keep the TT and RtR covered when I am not around, there are a few friends who are welcome to use them as well. The girls that clean jam out up there while they are working. 
    Seems like the girl the OP is referring to was enjoying some music, sounds like fun to me. Hell I’d even let her touch my drum set.
I am not a Trappist but I once spent a some time with them.  Trappists take a holy vow of hospitability which I greatly admire but which is sometimes abused. I take a vow of what might be called “conditional hospitability”. I’ll be nice as hell but don’t abuse me.  In general when anyone is out of their element, in a foreign culture or cult, almost anyone can commit any type of faux pas with intending to.  We should endeavor to show forbearance.


Fifty some years ago (right after Woodstock) I was invited to a Hare Krishna temple. We were instructed to remove our shoes as we entered the temple. They were in the process of carving brand new wooden idols; one of which I pointed to with my foot. Oh Lawdy, I desecrated their most holy idol with my socked foot. Replay “Raiders of the Lost Ark”; I escaped the poison darts, the big round stone from above and a biplane full of snakes.  They may still have my size 12D Puma training shoes.

 Audiophiles are also cult, or can be. In my case I have a few small pieces of painter’s tape to mark the “holy spot” where my maggies became “fully enlightened”. Actually damage my Magnepan 3.7i speakers however and I may have to bury you somewhere in my back yard near the cesspool.  As long as I can do that calmly and without malice it not a Cardinal Sin. I may be over reacting, you can live.  You just can’t leave with your debit cards, driver’s license or pass port or, as I learned the hard way, your shoes.