Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers

Has this ever happened to anyone here?

You have your speakers positioned just as you like them, and then a guest takes it upon themselves to suddenly move your speakers?

Obviously I’m not going to get any sympathy from anyone in the non Audio world, so I thought I’d post my frustrating experience here.

I also imagine that many of your speakers can’t simply be slid out of position due to spikes or carpeting or sheer weight. Probably a good number of you, who like me have speakers on hardwood floors, have some marks in place to be able to return speakers to their exact position. (Which I didn’t)

But a recent female first time guest was sitting on the floor positioned between the speakers as we listened and for some reason decided that they should be pointed directly at her. Now some people might think “how obnoxious,” and others might think, ‘hey, a woman who wants the toe in angle optimzed for her seating position! She’s a keeper! Let her handle whatever she wants!”

And while I did like the enthusiasm, there was a supertweeter precariously balanced atop each speaker fireing rearward that could have easily toppled off and broken. (And no, there are no kids in the house).

I still haven’t found the exact sweet spot I had them in. For a long time I felt like a bit of an audio slacker since I never installed the factory spikes or rounded cones TAD provides for the CR1’s. Until a few months ago I read on another forum that many CR1 owners choose to just keep the stands on the floor, or haven’t found a benefit to using the spikes/cones on hardwood.

Obviously I’ll use the incident to try and eventually find an even more optimal positioning than they were in, but it still irks me that someone would just assume it’s okay to move a sophisticated audio setup that they truly know nothing about.


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I know....but to be fair twin 502 Bravos are music to these ears. 
Sorry everyone. 

tomic and I are strictly referring to boating...nothing else.  

lol, at least they’re unsinkable.....kinda. 
I kept pushing the Baja’s trim tabs down to get on plane and it just didn’t get there.....that’s when the light bulb lit.  You had one job woman!
Geez, a little boat humor with @tomic601 and my post gets scrubbed?  I’m Sorry if the humor of my wife forgetting to put the hull plug in the Baja was offensive.    
ouch and double ouch.  Cat climbing the Tymp’s would set almost anyone into a tail spin...literally. 
Never caught anyone moving things.  Have had to whisk other people's children away from my system as they just couldn't listen to the "do not touch" command.  The worst thing to happen here was my niece coming for a visit and she had to bring her dog since she couldn't find a sitter.  Second day here we were sitting in the room where my stuff is set up.  In strolls her mastiff Milo, surveys the room, gives all of us a sniff and lick to say hello and looks like he's headed back to the other side of the house.  Well, not before passing my Maggies and lifting his leg to relieve himself.  It didn't matter how fast I clapped, yelled and jumped up......wet Mylar, MDF and cloth.  Niece gulped and asked me "How much is that going to cost me?"   Told her "nothing, don't worry about." 
Thank goodness it was only the MMGs and not the 3.6s !