GTT Audio & Video Absolute Power Cord Mk II

Anyone have any experience with this PC?
Yes I have used it. I own a couple. To me they are simply a moderate step up from stock cords. They are very flexable have or had a bright blue sleave are thicker than stock cords. The terminations is where the value is in these they hold on with a tight grip. The sonics are bland enough that you don't notice them. I suppose that's a good thing. I got the audio power cables are important bug and no longer use mine.
I bought two hoping they'd be an improvement over my stock cords, but I was not impressed. I guess you get what you pay for.
Has anybody else tried these and can write a line about them? Thanks.
I recently bought 2. It is my first foray into the world of power cords as most of my equipment is older but I have used them to good effect on my CDP and pre-amp. They replace stock, so not much of an ultimate comparison. They work well (well made, etc.) and I figure they will make a better standard to judge others by if I get carried away in the ever upgradeable future. The buying experience was excellent from GTT Group.
I use two of them on my Acoustic Reality Thaumaturges and they are absolutely exceptional! I have held on to these cords for over 10 years even after all the Shunyatas (king cobra v2 from about 12 years ago)..,etc have left my home :)

I do like the Original FIM Gold power cords more but they are such a pain to shape / work with.

This cord is Far Far Far better than any stock cord I have ever tried and better in my opinion than many cords costing up to $1k.