Gryphon vs Luxman vs Accuphase

Thinking that I may bite the bullet this year and get into a Gryphon Diablo 300 but before I consider shelling out that much, wanted to get some input from any of you that have heard this amp in comparison to Luxman or Accuphase. The 509X from Luxman costs half that of the Gryphon and is more within reach. The Accuphase E650 is not that far off the Diablo 300 pricing. IF the Gryphon is better in your mind, curious to hear whether you think the Luxman or Accuphase come close?

It sounds like all 3 have rave reviews. One is a class A while the other two are Class A/B. 

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If it is the same as the Luxman 509x Stereophile reviewed, the "headphone amp" is really just a resistor from the main amp. This is a disappointing approach given the otherwise high build quality.

I don't expect the same quality as their $2k headphone amps, but there is a much better price/value price point to be had here.
Another quibble is the bass/treble and balance tracking are only fair to middling. Again, kind of a quibble, but at this price point you’d expect nothing to be overlooked.