Gryphon Vitus Gamut

Would you elaborate on how they sound? Differences, similarities, particular sound signatures etc.
I can't comment on Gamut as I haven't heard them, though I know their gear to be well engineered and fine sounding.

Vitus to me is in the musical camp. Their Signature Series is slightly on the warm side, well controlled, resolving, yet smooth across the frequency spectrum and non-fatiguing. I own a Vitus SIA-025 integrated and SCD-025 Mk2 cdp. The SCD-025 Mk2 sounds analogue-like and has a wonderful 'flow'. There is rich tone and music has body and presence like good vinyl. Build quality is excellent.

The SIA-025 is well controlled. It feels like a 175 watt power amp. After fully warming up in Class A mode, it sounds warm, musical and tube-like. There is a touch of Class A sweetness, though not as much as the Dartzeel CTH8550. But I think Vitus got the balance just right.

In terms of tonal balance, Gryphon lies somewhere between Soulution/CH Precision which offer a very high level of accuracy, transient speed and transparency at one end of the spectrum, and Vitus/Dartzeel at the other, being slightly warmer, fuller and more laid back.
Melbguy1, how do Gryphon and Vitus compare in terms of rhythm, dynamics and bass?
I have the Gamut L5s and they are very good. I used them  with a CJ 350 but had a minor fault and while they were gone I had a chance to get a Gamut 200 mk2. It sounds very good so I may keep it. Have not heard the others.

inna OP2,439 posts08-31-2016 1:33pmMelbguy1, how do Gryphon and Vitus compare in terms of rhythm, dynamics and bass?
I’ve only heard the original Antileon, and that was only in one listening session, so i’m probably not the best person to ask. I know the higher end models incl; the Evo version and Mephisto are ’faster’ and have more power, though the Antileon still had plenty of power, and whilst not as fast or dynamic as a Soulution 710, it was not laid back by any means. That amp sounded warm, a little round, well controlled and powerful with good PRAT. Is there better? As you go up the Gryphon line you get into better, faster amps like the Antileon Signature Evo and Colloseum. You pays, you gets.

Vitus to my ears sounds well controlled, has way more power than their power specs suggest, wide bandwidth (like Gryphon), natural tonality, a wonderful musical ’flow’ & is slightly warm to warm sounding depending on the model . Bass is excellent...a bit more textural and musical than Gryphon imho. There is a tonal density and liquidity which is reminiscent of a good 300B tube amp, not that Vitus sounds ’tubey’. Conclusion: they’re two different amps. Gryphon is for what I call the ’middle ground crowd’ who want a beautifully built masterpiece.
Melbguy1, thank you, I think I got an idea. It appears that though I am sure I would like them both, I would probably slightly prefer Gryphon sound. But it's a guess of mine. Would be interested in either integrated or older Gryphon separates including phono stage when I am ready to upgrade. I bet, either would give me a great sound. Since I prefer warmer sounding speakers, Vitus might give me too much of a good thing, but..not necessarily. Anyway, as I understand, both Gryphon and Vitus are top level in solid state amplification.
Fyi, the latest Vitus SS-103 is closer to the Masterpiece Series MP-S201. That is it is faster, more powerful, more adaptable & a bit more neutral compared to the SS-102. That amp would be worth auditioning if you can find a Dealer.
Hi Melb.  Is the 103 less musical now than the 102?
@eps , from all i've read, the SS-103 retains and all the musicality of the SS-102, but is faster, more resolving, powerful & adaptable given the new switchable modes. Mike Bovaird on Audioshark has been raving about the SS-103, as well as Bob from Rhapsody Audio in NY.
We are getting in a SS-103 stereo amp, SP-103 Phono Stage and a SL-103 line stage.  I am anxious to hear how they sound.  
What about the real deal best of both world’s Spec rsa f33ex Integrated amp?😍🎶😜👍