Gryphon preamp power supply

My primary preamp is a late 80�s Gryphon. The line level is powered by outboard power supplies, as is common with the Gryphon product.

The unit also has their MC phono stages installed. These phono stages were powered by a separate set of auxiliary outboard power supplies that I do not have. These power supplies are no longer available and I have not found them in the secondary market.

I know the power requirements to be 18v and 400ma per channel. I have found instrument grade dc power supplies that claim to supply stable electrical output at these levels.

Would anyone have experience in powering their audio equipment with non OEM free standing power? Are there any recommendations on a power supply?

Sure, it's the same as long as there are no other requirements. As long as power was all that was supplied, then they will work. Just make sure of the pin configuration.
Thanks for you reply. I believe I can trace the pin outs. There are two pins, presume one positive one ground.