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Hello guys!
I auditioned the Gryphon Mikado some days ago and it seemed like a really wondrefull digital source.Really musical, in fact the most musical player ive heard, really getting you into the soul of the music. I would really like to know your opinion about this player and how it compares with the other players in its price range (11.000$) like esoteric etc. Do you think the synergy with my amp (grypho Diablo) should be one thing to consider?And what if i buy it now and gryphon introduces a new player?
Help please!
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You have already raised two compelling points; that is the "natural" synergy of two components created by the same design team and the fact that this and ANY manufacturer may be around the corner with something new!
A quick e-mail should get you an answer to that,as for this price point,you will have several strong choices but the fact that you feel this first impression and that it's yet another Gryphon piece would lend weight to this decision.
Good luck!
Thanx Azjake.Mikado is a very strong competitor for my upgrade plans but I would really be interested to hear the opinion of other people who have auditioned Mikado or get an alternative solution for a very musical player in the
80000$ - 11000$ range.
Thanx in Advance!!!!!!
Of course i mean a cdplayer in the 8000-11000$ range....:)
Would like to hear the Gryphon, rumor is that
it is more than competitive with the usual
Levinson, Classe, etc.

Anybody know?

Mixalis at the show the EmmLabs was better than Mikado, but Mikado was very nice to look at especially when the "jar" closed in flashing blue airport lights!
Gryphon Mikado latest models are upgraded, any newer Mikado has the latest upgrades. But if you can find a good deal with Emm Labs stick to it IMHO.
Kops says:
if you can find a good deal with Emm Labs stick to it IMHO
I second that. Good as the Gryphon is, the other one is better.
2) Problem is, with the EMM you're also buying switching and pre capabilities which you don't need...
3) You'll always have people introducing new products -- they need to live:)! Don't worry about it.
4) "Synergy": don't worry about it. Unless yr amp has input irregularities (unlikely) or gross non-linearities (most unlikely), the only thing you need is a cdp that has a healthy output -- and you're in business.
5) Esoteric: unfortunately, never directly compared the two box thing or the dvd-60 (I think it's called that -- I mean the multiplayer) vs. the Gryphon, vs EMM.

Therefore, I will arbitrarily declare that I was suitably impressed by the Esoterics, also by the EMM (which drives an amplifier directly) and less by the Gryphon.

6) A more personal note: euro: ~+10k is a lot of money for decoding 44.1 digital and I would very strongly urge you to ALSO consider teac's reasonably priced esoterics, products fm the usual suspects: say Wadia, Audio Aero, Yba, some germans (Symphonic line sound similar to the gryphon but are less expensive asaik). IF EMM ultimately attracts yr attention, get a deal on a Gryphon stereo power amp exchanging yr own -- since you like their products -- and use the Switchman as pre. Use a shielded IC (usually horrible) in the beginning before you go for unshielded, if you ever do so.
I have used a GRYPHON MIKADO (2005) for some two years. When compared with various models by Burmeister, Esoteric, Krell, MBL, Metronome, Reimyo that I've auditioned, it does not come over as the most detailed or articulate of players, and has a relatively narrow (but quite deep) soundstage. That said, it IS musical, etch-free (subject to recording quality!) and probably at its best when reproducing smaller ensembles. Personally, at this price level, I'd be interested in trying out the AUDIO RESEARCH CD7. That said, there is no doubt the GRYPHON is a GOOD digital source, though it is up there with some pretty stiff competition. Sorry, I have no first-hand experience of EMM LABS. Of course, the only way is to audition for yourself, with the kind of music you enjoy: One person's meat is another's poison. It might also be the case that within the next year or so, Gryphon will introduce a new player. It's time.

FYI my other equipment includes KHARMA MIDI EXQUISITE, PASS XO.2 + XA160, SUNYATA/tRANSPARENT cabling.


You may also like to consider the Lindemann 820S.
Yes very good!!!
Gregm re emm if you don't want the pre capabilities...u just go for the new single box player. problem solved.