Gryphon Mephisto

Here is an update with my Gryphon Mephisto: Connectivity was directly from my EMM LABS DV2. After some time I found it too edgy and forward. Lowering the gain on the DV2 helped, but still not to my liking. Couldn't find a Pandora anywhere. I called John at Audio Salon, (Great guy to Do business with) never had any dealings with him before. He had a Zena. I figured the Zena would give me a pretty good sonic presentation as to what to expect from the Pandora. Sure enough I knew in the first 5 minutes. Fantastic presentation, its a very good preamp. Separate PS with the Pandora, dual AC power, will only make things better. I ordered a new Pandora. Gryphon is making one. If anyone is interested in a Zena PM me. Only thing is the Pandora will take 2-3 weeks. I'll update this after the Pandora arrives. My room is huge 30 X 26 X 26H. Big A-Frame. This creates denominators that are not typical. 
Lalitk, is correct. I should have phrased my response with a little more thought. Actually a lot more thought! I thought what cycle2 meant was splitting the AC power from the PS to separate circuits. What I should have stated is I doubt if running the power supply from the same circuit would diminish anything.  I run the Mephisto from 2 separate circuits. As Lalitk said, it would be difficult to run power from the Pandora Pre as there is NO IEC! Sorry for the confusing post...John 

Thanks for the further clarification. BTW, I did not find anything confusing about your original post,

“ I have spoken with Gryphon a few times, they made it very clear as to place the power supply separate from the Pandora Pre.”

I have not seen a bespoke approach like the one in Pandora. It’s actually a four chassis design in two chassis. Both chassis are designed with total isolation of left and right channels in one separate chassis and dedicated dual mono power supplies in 2nd chassis to protect the audio signal from any interference. Hope you got two power cords ready for Pandora just like your Mephisto :-)

You’re in for a major treat and substantial upgrade over Zena!


Am curious to hear about your experience with your Pandora.

Owning a pair of Tannoy Westminster GR and a Mephisto, I tested a few combinations, including Zena vs EmmLabs DV2. I ended up with EmmLabs DA2V2 (DAC) + EmmLabs Preference Preamplifier.

I am extremely satisfied with that combination(DA2V2 (DAC) + EmmLabs Preference Preamplifier). For more info and pictures, see Frederic Oudin's post on Facebook dated October 15 ( )

Keep me posted please.


@ Sollies Frederic: I really like matching amp/pre from the same manufacturer. From my experience it just works. The DV2 with the Mephisto (as you must know is fantastic). I love this combo!! The Pandora with the separate power supply is what distinguishes this combo. Head room is off the charts, not to mention the bias cable between the Mephisto and Pandora. Soundstage is spot on, these REL Carbon Specials help with that. Typically I'm always in medium bias unless I really want to Jack the volume up. I don't imagine you get out of medium bias? What power cables are you using on the Mephisto? The Zena was good but the Pandora brings it all to another level. I had EMM's Ref pre but not with Mephisto.


Very interesting system, I bet you don’t have to ever worry about Mephisto running out of steam with Westminster’s. When I approached my dealer, he recommended Antileon EVO for my Canterbury’s. In his experience, Antileon would be a better match for Tannoy’s due to its slightly ‘warmer’ presentation compare to Mephisto.

My system pics are here,