Gryphon Encore vs DM-100

I am on the horns of a dilema and decided to ask the A'gon community for an opinion. I am trying to decide between a Gryphon Encore power amp or a Gryphon DM-100. I've listened to both extensively on Usher AC-20 Speakers (90db 6ohm). My first question one of long term reliabilty on the DM-100, given it is an older design and pure Class A ? Secondly, the few opinions I have had from owners suggest the DM-100 should be a better sounding amplifier overall ? My personal experience contradicts this somewhat. Also, the Encore is approximately twice the price of the DM-100 for me to purchase.

If there are owners out there who have lived with both or either of these amplifiers, I would certainly welcome all comments
I own the Encore and have only heard the DM-100 in an unfamiliar system. My impression was that the DM-100 was bright on the top end but again, it was an unfamiliar system. The Encore is a great amp.

Thanks Frank. If I might enquire, what age is your Encore and what speakers are you driving with it ? Also, have you experimented with preamplifiers on the Encore ?

It depends on which pre-amp you are using. If you are using a Gryphon preamp, the DM-100 will definitely sound better in any case.