Gryphon Diablo, Plinius, Perreaux or Jeff Rowlands

Hi. I'm thinking of buying a second hand Diablo here in NZ with the serial number ##1119048. Does anyone know what the approximate manufacture date would be? What price range should it be in to be a fair buy? This one is around $8500 US (when converted).

My other options are:
- A new Perreaux eloquence 250i for about $1k US less
- A second hand Jeff Rowlands Continuuim for just under half the Diablo;s price
- A new Plinius Hiato for (tbc) around the same price as the Diablo and Perreaux.

I am driving B&W PM1s (84db) and use a variety of inputs including a Bel Canto DAC with USB from an iPad.

Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated before I embark on my next step on my journey / insanity.

Oh - and sorry to say but I love the look of the Avant Garde zero 1s coming out soon - an all in one that looks too good to be true. OK - beauty is in the ear of the listener! I can't part with my old AG Solos ever - unless...