Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101

   So I've been itching to upgrade my amp. I currently have: PS audio Directstream -> PS BHK preamp -> parasound JC1 -> Focal Sopra 2.
    I narrow down to these 2 candidates. Any one with experience with both int amps can comment on them?Thanks!!!
Since Covid, I had alot of time to evaluate my system, and ended up with BOTH sia025 mki and a pass x250.8 . Now they both beat my old JC1 easily, but between them I had a hard time with. Both are extremely capable but in different ways, sia025 is just more neutral, reserve, more grownup sound but very smooth. x250.8 introduced me to the pass sound, so colorful, full of life, and wild but in a good way. I’m keeping both for now, but this is my observation. PRAT wise both are extremely close, with the advantage goes to pass as its a class A/AB amp. However, keep in mind that my system's goal is wanting to lean more closely to be neutral as I use the system with movies/TV as well.
I also got the pass XA25 for my bookshelf, now that’s a 2A3/45 tube amp substitute if there ever was one.
Hi georgesallit325

Yes, it was the RI-101 Mk2 in the comparison. Great amp!!!
The shootout came about because a close buddy wanted to buy an integrated amp for his Magico S-series speakers. He has since bought the Vitus. I am happy for him!
The best way to evaluate audio components is in your own listening room.  Try to find a dealer that will allow you to demo their equipment at your location,  I encourage our customers to demo the equipment we represent at their location when possible.

Having just auditioned Vitus RS-101, RI-101 and the Gryphon Diablo (plus Pass 250.8) I have to agree totally with the reviewers above. The Vitus is much more refined than the Diablo and does not impart as much of its own character to the music (particularly midrange).

I tested both with the pre amps and without, given I noted a distortion in the Diablo with some music (mainly trumpets). So I also used my Chord Dave as preamp which solved that issue and gave a much clearer sound.

In the end I went with the RS-101 rather than the RI-101. Literature and reviews say they have the same amp construction, but not according to Hans-Ole. The RS has a "stronger provide better drive for difficult loads". He believes it does not change the sound, but I found it quite a bit better than the RI-101. Best to try both.