Gryphon Diablo 300

New incarnation of already excellent SS integrated from the Danish Gryphon Audio is presented in Munich Hi-Fi show. Except of changed appearance that follows design of flagship Mephisto they improved preamp and power. Now it goes 300W 8 Ohm - 600W 4 Ohm and 950W in 2 Ohm.If someone had a chance to hear it at Munich please share your experience with us...
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Obviously, a BJT (bi-polar) transistor output design, Mosfets and especially tubes have no chance getting these figures from an output stage.
Should be a killer amp for those hard to drive high-end speakers like the Wilson Alexia, B&W D's and their off-springs and similar type speakers.

Cheers George
It also has a build- in DAC option based on the Kalliope .
I had a chat with importer of Gryphon in my country and he told me Diablo 300 did not played at Munich, it was only show off piece...if i understood him well it will be available in 4 months time, raw version will cost about 15K euros and full version with dac and phono built in about 25K euros...not bad for only little disappointment is not doubling at 2 Ohms to 1200W but realisticly it has monster power for class A/B integrated...
agree with George that it must be a BJT output device.
agree with Raindog031 that it's a monster power output for an integrate in the on-going tradition of Gryphon Audio. I really like their stuff but I do find it a bit dark sonically.