Gryphon Diablo 250 vs Hegel390

Hi all,
Looking at buying an integrated and was close to pulling the trigger on Hegel390. But came across a used Diablo 250 at the same price... Loved the sound of Hegel and could not yet audition the Diablo. Worth giving Diablo a shot, despite it's age (almost 10 yo)?
Appreciate your comments.
@greg_f Try to audition the Diablo 300, you will be surprised.It’s the type of integrated you can keep for a lifetime.
Some details about the upstream and downstream I should have included. I will be driving Sonus Faber Guarneri. And for the time being plan to only play hi-res digital files. Have Qutest dac and cannot splash on a higher end dac yet. 
@thieliste Thanks for the suggestion. Is it really that much better that the original Diablo? Sorry OP for derailing your thread.
@greg_f  Absolutely it's a different animal.
Thanks! I was looking for this answer months now.