Gryphon Diablo 250 vs Hegel390

Hi all,
Looking at buying an integrated and was close to pulling the trigger on Hegel390. But came across a used Diablo 250 at the same price... Loved the sound of Hegel and could not yet audition the Diablo. Worth giving Diablo a shot, despite it's age (almost 10 yo)?
Appreciate your comments.

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it is about the sound ... i think...

but perhaps sometimes ocd prevails, i get it...   :)
there is no doubt gryphons are beautifully built... for the asking price they should be

just reminding the op that build quality does not necessarily equal sound quality -- each brand and model are voiced by their producers

i have owned many many amps, roughly 40 over the years, half solid state... i have NOT heard a gryphon except for short intervals at some high end shows, not an intensive sampling

but i would say that i own 3 hegels in various systems -- sound wise, they are among the very small handful of ss amps i can happily live with long term, as they have the warm full rich tonality i desire, with clean yet unobtrusive natural rendering of detail

no affiliation other than being a very happy owner

good luck to op - by all means try the gryphon, but don’t let the big hegel be underestimated for what lovely music it can make
Hegel has a very good price to performance ratio.

For someone with low budget and who wants to buy new, Hegel is a great choice.

spoken like a true top 0.01 percenter!! bravo!!

excuse me, now i need to go check if they are done washing my learjet...  ;)