Gryphon Diablo 250 vs Hegel390

Hi all,
Looking at buying an integrated and was close to pulling the trigger on Hegel390. But came across a used Diablo 250 at the same price... Loved the sound of Hegel and could not yet audition the Diablo. Worth giving Diablo a shot, despite it's age (almost 10 yo)?
Appreciate your comments.

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I would be very interested to know which integrated you will end up with. I am in a similar situation possibly looking for a higher end integrated. I am considering the Diablo (even thinking of the Diablo 300 but I haven't found out how much better it is), the older Vitus RI-100, the Audia Flight FLS10 and the Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary. Unfortunately it is very difficult to audition all of them.
@thieliste Thanks for the suggestion. Is it really that much better that the original Diablo? Sorry OP for derailing your thread.
Thanks! I was looking for this answer months now.