Gryphon Diablo 120, Luxman L-590AXII, Other? For KEF R11

I have a MyTek Manhattan II and Parasound A21+ right now paired with my KEF R11’s.  Use the MyTek as preamp/DAC/streamer - considering replacing it and the Parasound with an integrated.  Have the opportunity to pick up the Gryphon or the Luxman for a good price -any thoughts on what may be a better match for the KEFs?  Any other suggestions for a good match in a similar price range? Thanks!

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I recommend keeping separates rather than diving into mid tier integrateds. Perhaps get into a reference level amp like a used parasound JC5 and then get a preamp later on. I get the feeling that the equipment you are looking at would be more of lateral move than a step up.

Parasound gear is nowhere near Gryphon. The Gryphon 120 and Luxman 509 are on another level from the JC5. I auditioned the 120 and 509 extensively and went with the Gryphon 300 only because my speakers are a tough load. The 120 is a sweeter sounding more ballsy amp than the 509, a good match for your R11s most likely.

Can't speak to the Gryphon, but 590AXII replaced over $10K worth of separates in my system, and I won't look back.  Get 'em while you can; discontinued but as you say probably available at a discount for dealers closing out their remaining inventory.

I believe Jay's Audio Lab on youtube did a video on having a pair of Gryphon amps repaired or refurbished. There is no authorized Gryphon dealer in the US so Jay had to spend $2,500 (I think) on overseas shipping alone to Gryphon on top of the repair quote. Luxman has authorized repair centers here in the states. Hudson Valley HiFi is a retailer and authorized repair place for Luxman. I believe Mike at Hudson Valley HiFi still has a 590 demo (He did about 3 weeks ago when I purchased my 595 from him).