Gryphon Demo CD

Rerentlty I've just dropped into a Hifi Shop and heard a CD from the seller. That was the best CD that i've ever heard in my life. It includes vocal, instruments, guitar, drum... which were played at the best from the artists. I asked the seller wherever I could buy it but there's no answer for me. He said I could have a copy if I buy something over $7000 in the shop. That's immposibility cos it's so over my budget for the new amp and CD player. I just saw the title of CD was something like GRYPHON DEMO CD. I wonder anybody heard about it before... and then help me to find out where I can get it. I have nothing to say about it excepting the word : the best that's i've heard in sound. That must be the 1st CD if you want to show how good your Hi fi is with your friends. Any other similar CDs advice welcome. Thanks
Try going to or some of the other Cd places like tower records. under music type in Gryphon it comes up with a group that might be what you are looking for.