Gryphon Callisto 2200

Anyone heard the Gryphon Callisto 2200? I am thinking of matching it with Merlin VSMM's. Any thoughts? Thanks
Let me know if you get any feedback on this. Or prices on the 8100 and 8200 or dealers, they must be few and far between.
interesting, have been interested in Grypon for a long time and think it would be a good match. Good idea.
Precision A/V in Cali is a dealer it is distributed by Dynaudio. Very expensive, 7000 for 2200 and 5700 for 2100.
i was thinking of getting the callisto at one stage given its rave reviews in germany and australia. it is apparently better than the tabu integrated amp with more power and control. if you don't need the phono stage,consider the smaller and cheaper callisto 2100( 100 watts, pure class A, dual mono integrated amp). go visit the web site. i think they offer competitive prices for the gryphon gear, which they distribute.

good luck!