Gryphon 2200 or wait for the new Rowland ice power

I have a pair of Piega p10's which are said to like high power/high current ss amps. I have a Belles 250i that sounds wonderful, but i feel i need more power due to room size and listening levels. I was considering a gryphon callisto 2200 or the new rowland ice power integrated soon to be released. Any experience with the piega's with either of these amps?
You don't have to wait for the Rowland ICEpower. It's here, and it's spectacular (to paraphrase a Seinfeld episode). And there will be more powerful monoblocks out soon, if 250/500 wpc into 8/4 ohms is not enough for you.
I Meant the new integrated, i forget the name.
You said the integrated. Sorry, I missed it. I believe it is called the Concerto i.
If you're interested in integrated digital amp and need power, then you should check out the new Spectron MIII.

The Tact M or S2150 has less power, but it's also worth
a listen to see what's going on in this new breed of amps.
I have P10s and the Rowland 201s. I'm very, very happy with the combination. To my ears, it's a very neutral, detailed but not bright nor harsh combination. If you like the P10s, I'd definitely try any of Rowland's ICEpower-based amplifiers.

NB: One of the P10 reviews linked from Piega's website has an impedance curve. While the P10 is a 4 ohm load, I don't recall it dropping below 4 ohms anywhere, and it's a fairly sensitive speaker (~ 90dB/[email protected], if memory serves) so it's not really all that hard of a load to drive. (Alas, said impedance curve didn't mention phase angle, just magnitude)
I would wait for the Rowland. I rate 2200 on par with Concentra.

If the new Rowland will be better than the Concentra, I would go Rowland.
I've own both the Tact and the Gryphon. In my system the Gryphon is clearly superior. In comparison the Tact lacked musicality and sounded somewhat dry. I owned the Tact for 18 months and used it with a number of good transports and cables, but I was never completely satisfied. With the Gryphon I feel very content. The Rowland should prove very interesting. I hope to have a chance to hear one soon.
Mpal: true TacT is too dry and dificulties driving difficoult loads.