Gruv Glide. How many use it?

I have been using it for years. Mostly before I bought a cleaning machine 5 years ago. I thought it worked before I had a cleaning machine. Then after I heard how good a cleaned record sounds I think the Gruv Glide muddled the sound. What do you think?
Used the version 11 for years. I feel it reduces any residual noise and minimizes static build-up. I actually use it after a machine cleaning and still feel it is beneficial.
I agree.

I experimented with Gruv Glide on records, even after they were cleaned with Record Research cleaner and a VPI 17F.

I was told GruV Glide would work magic by reducing noise, wear, and improve overall sound. After trying it on several LP's, I found the sound dulled and congested, especially small details.

Fortunately it comes off with a few applications of RR fluid and the VPI. I threw away the remainder of the Gruv Glide after that.

However, LAST record preserver has been effective at reducing wear on my LP's for more than 25 years. I hear no sonic degradation after applying LAST, provided a quick rinse with RR fluid is done afterward.
I use a Nitty Gritty and Gruv Glide. I love the stuff. If you are having the problems you are describing try following the directions better. I had those problems when using to much. BTW - I never thought I would ever disagree with anything Albert had to say.
I have tried Gruv Glide and Last stuff and in my opinion they just leave a bunch of stuff on the record, not good. I don't use them and prefer to use only RR products, they leave the surface nice and clean with no muss no fuss. The deep cleaner followed by the super wash is what I do to used records, just the super wash to new.

Also the LP9 stylus cleaner is excellent.
Gruv Glide works great. It is easy to use, very economical and I can definitely hear an improvement in sound quality.
I have used Gruv Glide for at least 10 years. I wouldn't think of doing without it. It reduces needle wear, increases many positive playback attributes including quieter surfaces, better bass, greater mid-range and upper frequency clarity. It should only be used after cleaning a record on a record cleaning machine since it is a dry lubricant and will scratch a record if used on a dirty playing surface. Last Record Preservative only reduces needle wear and imparts no improvement in sound quality.
Put this in the clock, pebbles, and duplex cover category.
I have been impressed so far with the Last record preservative. It reallys seems to prevent the formation of pops and reduces surface noise. I also like Last's stylus cleaner and sylus preservative. Styli need cleaning after each LP IMO.
I've been using it for 10 years or so with great results. It definately improves the overall sound.
After using it on clean records the stylus would be clogged/caked with dust and other build up.
This happened only after the application of Gruv Glide.
I've been collecting since 1957 and none of my 5000+ records have never been or ever will be treated with Mobil 1 or some other preposterous "groove lubricant". 99% of them are totally free of pops, clicks, and noise despite in some cases thousands of playings.

Clean your records thoroughly, use quality/properly aligned hardware, and just listen.

Remember when STP was a heaven sent supplement to your car's crankcase oil? The only benefit was Andy Granatell's swelling wallet from profits.

Many people hear what they want to hear but it was snake oil then and it's snake oil now.
STP yeah as kids we used to put that stuff on our bikes to make them "go faster" but in the end the chain, wheel bearings and other parts just became a gunky mess of dirt and grease. Man that stuff was viscous!
I would not apply groove glide unless you have a rather crakley, or extra noisey album.. It then can help a lot to get the one not so perfect surface noise to reduce and sometimes eliminate, many times applying it will just make the album bearable to listen. With good albums that have little issue, a good solid cleaning with distilled rinse is the best for it and normally the best sounding, then leave the groove glide alone unless you must go into battle with a more nasty contender, it can work, and sometimes it can't help enough, but for the 25 bucks or whatever it is it could be good to have some on hand, again I would not go treating every album if they already sound nearly perfect.