Grumble, grumble come on Audiogon

So I have been interacting w Chat room monitors about an advert that states "x brand equipment WITH accessory" (that is not the ad, but I dont want my attention to give the seller any more traffic, because I think they are being unreasonable.)

I put in a full price offer based on their description, and the answer came back .. "what about the accessory?" .. I said WHAT? and then explained the listing wording and the body of the description wording .. adding "Have you ever seen someone that says "car for sale w/tires" and then purports to change the sale parameters to then charge you for the tires?"
I am willing to let the sale go (their loss) but that vaguery would not get away on Ebay .. and I can not understand the Chat monitors who said the ad was taken down and its still up w/same language!
Come on A'gon ..
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@trombonist  Send me the listing id and I will take a look. [email protected], Attention: Tammy  
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Viridian -
" If the ad said there was an accessory involved and did not say what it is, then it is incumbent on you, should you want to buy it, to ask what the accessory is. The seller would then tell you that it’s the feet that came on the amp. "
The item was listed "with XX power cord" which these things typically are not.
The description in the ad stated the same wording as the tag line. After politely mincing words with the seller, I brought it to the Chat room monitor, I was told it was removed due to the un-clear (at best) wording.
As I go back today, the same ad is present, no change. The seller has other ads that are single item ads and A PRICE, whereas this ad had multiple items in the 1 heading stating "with" and A PRICE.
I allowed the seller the grace to not honor the ad (even though I submitted a full price offer) but simply asked for them to clean up the language.
So kindly said, I hope you can see we all benefit when clarity is used in description. If I said my pre-amp comes with the remote and a price given, (as I used the example "a car with tires") my hope is that does not take a college education to understand the remote and tires (in both examples) are described as included in the sale.
Elizabeth, I am sorry, but yes .. many items for sale are repurposed and can be found in new applied areas for crazy pricing.
Even my grocery store (chain) finds the gall to ask $5 more for a bottle of wine in 1 area of town vs the other .. go figure.
I hope you see my purpose for the grumble was to get Admin to monitor some of these ads language. It makes for a better online community.
Wow thats so sad dude!!
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