Grrr... PC changes sound: Denon 4806 Receiver...

I HATE to admit that a cheap upgrade to a homemade Belden shielded powercable (from an AA cable asylum inmate who was selling them last year) made a significant change in the sound of my new (Demo) Denon 4806 Receiver. (Canton CD300/360 speakers).
I have to say I just had this PC laying around... And stuck it on the Denon. Smoother, more refined.
S#!t! I hate cables.
Cables... the product we love to hate! I learned the same thing a few years ago. I knew they wouldn't make any difference going into the test, but coming out of the test I had to admit they do improve the sound. Sorry for your loss!
Hey Elizabeth, would you like to borrow a Purist Dominus PC? Then you will really hate power cables.
Anytime a chunk of wire costs more than my car...
(I am pretty firmly in the "under $100 PC, under $200 interconnect, under $300 speaker cable camp)
Ah, to be frugal. If only I had the willpower. Right on, Elizabeth. You have officially become a true audiophile. Welcome to the club.

Glad to hear it, I just hooked up a mid level system in the bedroom that will be
run by a Denon 4306.... I HAD put the stock cord on it, but now know I must
experiment with the other PC's I have around.....