Grover IC's

I just added the latest version of Grover RCA's to my system a couple of days ago. I must say he really hit it out of the park on this one. Everything is so crystal clear, balanced and extended. I can't imagine anything anywhere close the price out performing them. The speakers I have (Elac FS 247 Sapphires) are very revealing and really show changes upstream and the Grover's are a huge improvement. Anyone else get a chance to try these out yet that has a similar experience?
Over the past few months, I have sent in all of my interconnects (Sx Series) to Grover to have them upgraded to the new Zx series.

I agree that these are amazing cables. If you like them now, wait until they break-in. They really do take several hundred hours to reach their full potential.

I have always said that Grover's cables are one of the true bargains in high-end audio. The new Zx series makes this even better.
I've owned Grover's cables from the Sc series (Sc to Sx to Zx about 5-6 years total). They all require a pretty long break-in period. Believe me, they get MUCH better. If you like them now, just wait.
Got my ZX two days ago. ZX is really amazing. I've lestest UR and a later version I'm not sure what it. When I plug ZX in my system, already better than both. More detail and wider soundstage. It's Great!
How big of difference between the Grover EX+ and Top of the line Empress?

@aberyclark...I'm wondering the same thing.  Grover has offered to trade-in my older "ZX" series for either the new "EX+" or the "Empress" at a pretty attractive price.

Anyone have any experience with the "Empress" series?